Sustainable Materials For An Eco-Life

Sustainably sourced materials

Sustainability (also known as ‘green economy’) is a way of managing natural resources in a manner that conserves and promotes biodiversity, restores ecological integrity, and improves the quality of the environment for current and future generations. It is a change in the way society perceives the use of environmental resources and their protection, thereby reducing the demand for non-renewable natural resources. Since the 1970s, when the global community began to seriously address the environmental impacts of consumption and creation, the public perception of the term has changed dramatically. Today, environmental quality is no longer seen as a privilege for the developed world, but as a basic right for the poor and vulnerable, especially those who dwell in poverty.


With the rising cost of energy, material waste and the depletion of natural resources, it has become necessary to find effective methods of managing natural resources more productively. In the past, those in positions of power and influence sought to restrict access to affordable, accessible, sustainable materials to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Today, environmental issues are at the forefront of policymaking and public awareness. This change is reflective of growing concern about the consequences of economic, social, and environmental policies and practices.


In order for sustainable materials to be used and reused, they must not contain dangerous chemicals, end-of-life toxins or be manufactured with materials that do not emit or reflect their intended materials. The key to creating environmentally sustainable materials and practices is transparency in product design and manufacturing. By promoting a “greener” product, manufacturers are in effect building an eco-friendly company by providing customers with products that use fewer harmful chemicals and are more durable. Additionally, green manufacturing processes and materials require less energy, produce fewer pollutants and are more durable than conventional manufacturing processes and materials. The use of sustainable materials can prolong the life of furniture items, home appliances, technology and even our clothes. So whenever there’s an urge for a new purchase make sure you chack the materials it is made of and try to see if there is a way to prolongĀ  its life like for example you can do upholstery for your furniture, or you can buy second-hand clothes made of quality materials.

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