How To Find The Best Same Day PCR Testing In London

Same day PCR test


Same day London PCR testing is regarded amongst the best for coronavirus screening, and it is capable of detecting the coronavirus with high accuracy. Tests like the same day PCR test London at Randox fulfil internationally-recognized minimum requirements for virologic detection, specificity, and sensitivity for diagnosing and travel reasons.

 Randox has developed an app specifically for travellers to use in order to verify and report their PCR test results. This is a new and innovative way in which you can save considerable amounts of time as well as money. They also use an online booking system to offer more flexibility as well as the ability to change your booking at short notice.

What Is The Purpose Of A Same Day PCR Test?

With an increased number of countries requiring a negative Covid-19 PCR test for entrance, people travelling to London airport after visiting specified countries must provide a travel certificate to verify their covid-free status.

The same day PCR test in London offers reliable proof of a Covid-19 negative result for travel considerations, as well as a verified QR code to ensure certificate validity. 

Randox provides a specialised, speedy test with same-day PCR London results to accommodate this travel necessity. This is done only at a testing facility where a healthcare practitioner collects your sample at the clinic and analyses it in their onsite lab.

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What Does Same Day PCR Test London Entail?

Randox is a laboratory testing chain with headquarters in London and other major cities that provide same-day Covid-19 PCR test results. 

They also manage the whole client journey in-house, from swab to result, avoiding delays caused by sample transit from testing clinic to laboratory. With innovative PCR analysis equipment in-house and a staff of technicians that operate around the clock, Randox is one of the leaders in the Covid-19 testing industry.

Why Should You Choose The Randox Testing Clinic?

The Randox COVID-19 PCR testing service was established early at the beginning of the global health crisis, and they refined their testing processes through several rounds of travel restrictions, tiers, and lockdowns.

What makes this service so suitable and accessible for many travellers and business people alike is its ease of use and affordability. Randox has worked hard to provide a service that is highly accessible as well as very effective at providing tests on the same day in London and other parts of the UK. 

The main benefit of the same day PCR London test is the rapidity of results,  as results will be provided to you on the same day. In the very unusual event that your results are not available within the promised period, they offer a full refund or organise a free same-day retest.

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Making Plans Before You Travel

When making plans before you travel from the UK, be sure that you follow the protective majors in place in order to avoid contracting the virus. In some cases the virus can be transmitted even from asymptomatic individuals that do not know they are infectious, therefore it is important that you remain vigilant where possible and take steps to ensure that you do not contract the virus. 


Using travel apps such as your airline app in addition to news apps is an excellent way through which you can utilize technology in order to ensure that you are protected whilst travelling. This means that you can get the latest updates and information straight to your phone. 


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