The Uses Of Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are heavy-duty machines that are used to transport large objects from one location to another. They are designed to suit a specific loading application, such as automotive production, oil & gas or shipping and logistics.

Overhead Cranes are ideal for moving bulky items because they don’t occupy floor space and lift loads above everyone’s head, making them safer and more convenient to use. In addition, they eliminate workplace accidents and increase productivity.


Warehouses are buildings where a variety of goods are stored and processed before they are delivered to customers. They are commonly used by manufacturers, wholesalers, and stockists of different products to keep their inventory organized and accessible.

When warehouse employees have to move and store large crates and containers throughout the facility, it is essential that they do so safely and quickly. Overhead cranes are perfect for this task.

They avoid floor obstructions that slow or stop production, allowing your warehouse to operate effectively.


In manufacturing, overhead cranes are used to move heavy loads. They can also transport products between different areas and place equipment in specific locations within a facility.

In the metal industry, for example, cranes handle crucibles of molten ore and load rolls of finished sheet. Cranes can also help keep workers at a safe distance from hot or flammable materials.

Specialised attachments can be added to move spools of wire or foil, too. Regardless of the application, overhead cranes are essential for metal manufacturers because they can lift and carry bulky or heavy materials.

Oil & Gas

There are many uses for overhead cranes in the oil and gas industry. They are vital tools for oil rigs and gas extraction units where barrels, compressed gases, and supplies need safe moving equipment.

They can also be used in petrochemical plants to move materials from refinement to delivery. They are extremely important for this process because they are able to lift heavy objects up and out of the ground easily and quickly.


Overhead cranes are used in a variety of construction applications. For example, they can be used to position heavy bulky materials in warehouses and for transporting cargo from one place to another.

They are also useful in metal fabrication and metal manufacturing. They can easily move material and components from one part of the facility to another and onto assembly lines for final production or packaging.

Cranes can be classified by the type of material they are used to lift and the load capacity that they can support. Single girder cranes are designed for light to medium-duty applications, while double girder models are more capable of lifting larger loads.


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