Different Types Of Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol tests are more common than you may think. They are often required for workplaces, legal scenarios, health issues, and more. Alcohol tests are safe and can provide accurate results if conducted properly. You can either visit your doctor’s surgery to carry out the test, or you may decide to purchase an at-home kit and conduct the kit yourself.

There are various different ways a drug and alcohol test can be done, and it is important to understand the different methods before acquiring a test.


Different Types Of Alcohol Tests


The test includes three primary methodologies to detect the presence of toxic material. Before you obtain your test, a medical professional will decide which test is best suited to you. The decision can be made based on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Liver/kidney function
  • Weight
  • What is being detected?

These factors have to be taken into consideration before a specific test is decided on.

Urine Sample


A urine sample may be taken for the alcohol test to be conducted. There is little to no complications whilst performing the test, and it is a non-invasive method. A urine sample can detect the presence of alcohol after five days of consumption. However, the problem lies with the accuracy of the results. The concentration of the alcohol reduces day by day; hence why there is a chance of false results. Furthermore, if an immediate result is needed, a urine test may not be the best option.


Blood Sample


When consuming alcohol, the fluid will travel from your throat and enters the stomach. Later, absorption takes place in the small intestine through the villi. The blood sample test is accurate and safe, if instruction is followed carefully. However, it is best to keep in mind that this method does require the use of a needle to pierce through the skin. The patient should not feel any severe pain, and the process is over very quickly. There are however some points to keep in mind before performing a blood test:

  • Blood must not be clotted
  • A clean and sterilised needle must be used
  • Transportation must be at optimum temperature


Breath Test


Similarly, to the blood sample, a breath test is a rapid detection for alcohol. A breathalyser is compact and easy to use, which can be carried on the go. They are often used on roads when the police pull people over who may be driving recklessly. They can also be found in some workplaces where it is routine to alcohol test employees. The person will be asked to breathe several times into the machine, then the machine will detect if there is any alcohol passing through the alveoli. The test is seen as normally highly accurate; however, the results can be impacted depending on where the test is done. For example, freshly painted walls can affect the result due to paint fumes.

Final Words


An alcohol test is crucial in some scenarios and is easy to obtain. It is important to understand why they are conducted, as well as how the test can be taken. Whether you are visiting a doctor’s office, or carrying the test out at home, it is important to read and follow instructions carefully to ensure you receive the most accurate result.




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