Discovery GeoServices Corporation

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Founded in 1980, Discovery GeoServices Corporation (“DGSC”) is a highly experienced oil and gas consulting firm. Through its president, Michael (“Mike”) Lewis, the company has played a principle role in several major discoveries and developments, most notably the initiation of the Middle Bakken Play in Montana with Lyco Energy Corporation in 1999. With the “boom” in unconventional reservoir types (shale, CBM, fractured carbonates, tight sandstones, etc.), DGSC is applying its experience in several areas of Europe and North America.

DGSC provides geological services like prospect generation, evaluation, selection and support, but also has a long history with project management and oil and gas field operations. Through its sister-company relationships, it is also in position to consider participation in non-conflicting projects.

The Specialists from Discovery GeoServices conducts a serie of Workshops called “DiscoveryGeo Workshops” in cooperation with YoungPetro Magazine. Official profile of these events on Facebook you can visit here: