YoungPetro – edited by students

designed especially for the Oil and Gas industry


The mission of  YoungPetro…

…is to inspire active participation in the petroleum world through fresh-thinking coverage of people, technology discoveries, environmental issues, events and career stories. YoungPetro is unique combination of the best student technical papers and career oriented journalism ingeniously answers today’s and future questions of the industry.

YoungPetro is all about…

…connecting people, it is a unique platform where world’s most talented and ingenious students whose papers are published in the magazine are meeting their audience. Their scientific research provides innovative solutions and technologies which can be used in practice. That is why YoungPetro is a priceless HR tool for oil and gas industry giving it access to a source of potential employees who can guarantee far-reaching development of the petroleum companies. Our partners have chance to be the first ones to find employees of great worth and the most ambitious students have opportunity to get their dream job.

The reach of YoungPetro…

…is still rising thanks to the presentations in international congresses, our website and energizing social media profiles on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, vKontakte and Google+.

Nowadays our magazine is brought into hands of students and professionals from all over the world. We are supporting various initiatives such as East meets West Congress (Cracow), Student & Young Professionals Symposium (Galveston, TX), Oil & Gas Horizons Conference (Moscow), PetroTrend Fuel Forum (Warsaw), West Siberian Petroleum Congress (Tyumen), Future Petroleum Engineers Conference (Beijing), 10th International Youth Oil and Gas Forum (Almaty), World Petroleum Council Youth Forum 2013 (Calgary) and many more.

Technical papers in YoungPetro have been written by students from over 20 countries until now. In 2016/2017 we have published papers of Students from Russia, Romania, Belarus, Turkey, Denmark, Ukraine, Pakistan, the Netherlands, China and Poland.

The idea of YoungPetro…

….was created in 2011 as a free -of-charge magazine edited by students designed especially for the Oil and Gas industry. Since that time we came across a lot of challenges which only showed us a real value and true purpose of YoungPetro. We have realized that we are creating something much bigger and more important than student magazine: we all take part in creating fresh, friendlier public image of Oil and Gas industry which still needs changes.