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Actual and Future Scenarios of Shale Gas in Europe CEE Shale Gas & Oil Summit 2015 Report

Actual and Future Scenarios of Shale Gas in Europe  CEE Shale Gas & Oil Summit 2015 Report

Barbara Pach, Karolina Zahuta

    From 9th-10th March our attention was attracted by the Eastern Europe Shale Gas&Oil Summit 2015 which was held in Radisson Blu Hotel in Warsaw. This event gathered many international authorities from the O&G industry; technical experts, professionals and students from Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, UK, Ukraine and USA. The two-day conference, with four sessions each day, paid attention to the themes such as previous experiences and future predictions for shale gas in Europe. What we found the most interesting were the newest methods of extracting gas from shale with the use of CO2, legislation of exploring shale gas in several countries, the public opinion on shale gas and many others.


     These highly interesting presentations and discussions allowed us to prepare an overview of the current situation and the future of shale gas exploration in Europe. Marek Madeja, Poland Country Manager for Cuadrilla reminded the audience that it took about 18 years to start commercial shale gas production in the USA while in Poland it is still a fresh issue. That’s why there’s no comparison between the US and the current situation in Europe which still needs time to develop. Akshay Pasrija from United Oilfield Services mentioned another reason why we shouldn’t compare the two continents – the difference in geology which means that technology used in the USA cannot be implemented in Europe. Furthermore, there’s a big difference in law – in the USA it’s in a landowner’s business to explore potential hydrocarbons while in the European Union, the resources belong to the state. Moreover the EU regulations and recommendations are restrictive.

    Undoubtedly, the attitude of government matters too. It seems that there’s a need for government investment in basic science and research (notice that the USA has spent a lot of money before achieving the success in production).  “Behind a “yes” decision there is a risk”, the experts said, that’s why important decisions are made with concern, postponed or avoided by executives. Summarizing the discussion, which took place in the third session of the second day of the conference, when it comes to the situation in Poland, it looks like the biggest oil & gas companies aren’t so convinced to step into the Polish market, because no one will risk losing money when it could take a long time to develop and stabilize the current situation. For entrepreneurs it’s safer to go home rather than to invest money in Poland right now. Moreover, Paweł Poprawa, expert in unconventional gas and oil,highlighted the importance of the much-needed good PR of shale gas exploration. Local communities should  be informed and aware of the real dangers of  shale gas exploration and extraction. An example for this is the situation in UK, where drilling was blocked many times by protests of citizens.

    What more should be changed? According to lawyer Maciej Jóźwiak, we need a clear, transparent law.  The process of giving licenses should be sped up and the problem with taxation should be solved looking at the experiences of other countries that produce hydrocarbons from unconventional reservoirs. In Mr Poprawa’s opinion firstly we have to frack more, then extract and invest more money in research. Patience and changed approach may also play a big role in improving the situation.

Making a general conclusion, the market is unpredictable and many factors may influence the situation of shale gas in Europe. It can change very quickly and attract investors again, even within the next decade.

     To sum up, as students, this conference gave us a view on current and future shale gas and oil exploration. Hearing from experienced people about various interesting topics was very enlightening. We can see a chance for developing the current market situation, we just have to create the possibility for things to go in the right direction and be patient. As a YoungPetro delegation we are looking forward to more such fantastic events we are always willing to participate in. Special thanks to Charles Maxwell, the organizer of CEE Shale Gas&Oil Summit.

1st European Oil and Gas Training and Simulation Forum

1st European Oil and Gas Training and Simulation Forum

When: 9th and 10th of July 2015

Where: Mövenpick Hotel City Center, Amsterdam – Netherlands

Website: http://nrg-events.com/nrg-europe-oil-gas-training-simulation/


Barcelona, Spain – March 24th, 2015 – Following a successful series of events in Oil & Gas and Nuclear Training & Simulation, NRG Events have now scheduled the 1st European Oil & Gas Training & Simulation Forum.

amsterdam event

The challenge for many End Users throughout Plant lifecycle is to manage the replacement of retiring employees to the new generation without disturbing Productivity and improve Plant reliability.The event will focus on the latest developments in Training and Simulation for entire Oil and Gas Process lifecycle; will cover upstream, midstream and downstream, business process simulations, HR/Training and Development.
Key Highlights of the Forum:
• Presentations from the NOC’s, IOC’s, universities and industry organizations.
• Exhibitor stand by Vendors to showcase their services and solutions and some will present as well.
This two day event will showcase latest developments and solutions on Training & Simulation strategies also with an exclusive exhibitors area. Attendees will hear cutting edge presentations from Experts on the Oil and Gas Industry, Training – Simulation Vendors, Research Institutes and Universities.

Registration for this exclusive event is online. Our registration system is very efficient and secure. We will provide you instantly via email with the correspondent invoice and tickets for the event., please visit the link: http://nrg-events.com/nrg-europe-oil-gas-training-simulation/program-day-3-europe-oil-gas-training-simulation-2015/ .

 For any additional questions or remarks, feel free to contact us. We look forward to your presence.


NRG Events – www.nrg-events.com – (+34) 656 886 245

Global Shale Oil And Gas Summit 2015 Europe

Global Shale Oil And Gas Summit 2015 Europe

When: 9th and 10th of July 2015

Where: Hilton London Kensington Hotel, Holland Park Ave, London UK

E-mail: info@paradigmglobalevents.com

Website: http://www.paradigmglobalevents.com/events/shale-gas-summit-2015/



The US shale gas boom has been a game-changer and it transformed the gas market outlook. Other countries are taking steps to tap into the possibility of shale gas exploration and production which will greatly expand worldwide energy supply. Though Europe is in the early days for shale exploration, the governments and relevant parties are encouraging developments in the industry, with the aim to support Europe energy security.

To frack or not to frack? This is the question that energy market players and analysts have been asking themselves about. Join us at this summit, to gain further insights of the development of shale gas revolution, its new challenges and opportunities. Don’t miss out on the success story of shale gas development from various industry experts.

This summit also sets a platform for you to explore opportunities, latest exploration and production techniques and strategies. You will get to examine the challenges faced, latest regulatory frameworks, and investment opportunities. Is shale gas the answer? Get to know more at the Shale Gas Summit 2015 to take full advantage in the new horizon of unconventional gas expansion.

Key Topics and Why Should You Attend:

  • Get to know governmental initiatives for the economic outlook in Shale E&P
  • Reviewing investor perspective: what the appetite is for Shale E&P
  • Network with key industry stakeholders, decision makers and influencers
  • Grasping the latest technical insights from operators
  • Learning from the experts about the geoscience behind Shale Potential

Podsumowanie XXI Konferencji Energetycznej EuroPOWER

Podsumowanie XXI Konferencji Energetycznej EuroPOWER

W dniach 8 – 9 kwietnia 2015 r. w Hotelu Westin w Warszawie odbyła się XXI edycja konferencji EuroPOWER. Podczas konferencji obecni byli reprezentanci firm energetycznych, paliwowych, elektrociepłowni, przedsiębiorstw sieciowych, administracji publicznej oraz przedstawiciele firm świadczących usługi dla podmiotów branży energetycznej.

Uroczystego otwarcia Wydarzenia dokonał Pan Janusz Piechociński,Wicepremier i Minister Gospodarki.


Konferencję rozpoczął panel dotyczący Strategii Bezpieczeństwa Energetycznego Unii Europejskiej, gdzie poruszono m.in. kwestie europejskiego Rynku Energii w kontekście globalnym i  regionalnym. Głos w tej sprawie zabrali: Maciej Bando, Prezes Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki
Tomasz Dąbrowski, Dyrektor Departamentu Energetyki, Ministerstwo Gospodarki,
Janusz Lewandowski, Poseł do Parlamentu Europejskiego, Marek Woszczyk, Prezes Zarządu, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Janusz Steinhoff, Wicepremier w latach 2000-2001, Minister Gospodarki w latach 1997-2001, PwC i Piotr Szpakowski, Dyrektor Biura Zarządzania Ryzykiem Regulacyjnym, PKN ORLEN. Podczas 1. dnia konferencji omówiona została również pozycja Polski na europejskim rynku energii, program koncentracji kapitałowej i organizacyjnej kluczowych spółek sektora oraz wewnętrzne i zewnętrzne uwarunkowania rozwoju rynku gazu w Polsce. Obrady zakończyła debata b. Ministrów Gospodarki na temat ówczesnych i współczesnych dylematów w polskiej energetyki, gdzie głos zabrali m.in. Wiesław Kaczmarek, Minister Gospodarki w 1997 r., Minister Skarbu Państwa w latach 2001-2003, Jacek Piechota, Minister Gospodarki w latach 2001-2003 oraz w 2005 r., Janusz Steinhoff, Wicepremier w latach 2000-2001, Minister Gospodarki w latach 1997-2001, PwC i Piotr Woźniak, Minister Gospodarki w latach 2005-2007, Podsekretarz Stanu w Ministerstwie Środowiska, Główny Geolog Kraju w latach 2011-2013.

Zwieńczeniem pierwszego dnia XXI edycji EuroPOWER była Wielka GalaLiderów Świata Energii, podczas której wręczone zostały najważniejsze nagrody w branży za osiągnięcia dokonane w 2014 roku.


Drugi dzień rozpoczął blok tematyczny związany pytaniem, czy polski rynek energii jest zorientowany na odbiorcę, gdzie głos zabrali m.in. Agnieszka Wasilewska-Semail, Prezes Zarządu, Rafako, Grzegorz Lot, Wiceprezes Zarządu ds. Sprzedaży na Rynku Masowym, TAURON Polska Energia i Piotr Ostaszewski, Prezes Zarządu, Energia dla firm. W dalszej części dnia obrady toczyły się wokół doświadczeń, wniosków i rekomendacji dostarczanych przez dotychczasowe programy pilotażowe sieci/liczników smart, odnawialnych źródeł energii i ruchu prosumenckiego z perspektywy nowej ustawy OZE oraz potrzeb dla rozwoju sektora wytwarzania oraz dystrybucji.

Konferencję zakończyła dyskusja na temat dalszego rozwoju energetyki w kontekście finansowania, planowanych inwestycji i rywalizacji na konkurencyjnych rynkach dostaw oraz usług budowlanych.

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z pełną fotorelacją z XXI Konferencji Energetycznej EuroPOWER jak też zapraszamy na kolejną edycję, która odbędzie się w dniach 25-26 listopada 2015r.

Organizatorem konferencji jest firma MM Conferences S.A.


Andrzej Ocalewicz
Młodszy Kierownik Projektu
MM Conferences S.A.
e-mail: a.ocalewicz@mmcpolska.pl
T: +48 22 379 29 45

26th World Gas Conference set to tackle urgent energy challenges

26th World Gas Conference set to tackle urgent energy challenges

IGU President Jérôme Ferrier officially invites delegates to agenda setting event

27th March, 2015: With thousands of delegates already registered to attend, the 26th World Gas Conference is shaping up to be a pivotal event for the energy sector in 2015. As one of the industry’s most important gatherings, the event has already attracted participation from more than 100 countries and 600 organisations, with delegates representing technical, engineering, strategic and commercial disciplines.

The conference will address the major gas industry challenges facing the world today, including sustainability of supply, the role of gas as a transition fuel, the development and application of new technologies, and progress towards a comprehensive global energy mix. In the run-up to the event, IGU President Jérôme Ferrier has been touring the world, including visits to Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, to discuss these core issues with senior politicians and industry leaders. Their insight and expertise will feed directly into conference discussions and debates.

The triennial event has already generated a significant amount of research and innovation, with a record number of abstracts received (more than doubling those gathered for the 2012 World Gas Conference). Delegates will be invited to take advantage of the sheer wealth of experience available from industry leaders and innovators, and will gain a comprehensive understanding of key industry issues, new solutions, the assessment of risks and opportunities, and business strategies that will stimulate growth in their respective companies and countries.

With the economics of hydrocarbon exploration and production continuing to dominate the performance of global markets, the World Gas Conference will be the forum for a dynamic and wideranging debate about the industry’s short-term prospects and long-term future. Delegates will be able to interact directly with key decision-makers in the industry, and have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

More than 435 speakers have already been confirmed to date, and the conference programme continues to develop to ensure that it addresses the industry’s most pressing issues. Confirmed speakers include Patrick Pouyanné, Chief Executive Officer, Total SA; Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO of GDF Suez; Sheikh Khalid Khalifa Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Qatargas; John S. Watson, Chairman of the Board, Chevron Corporation; Ben Van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc; and Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi, Chief Executive Officer, RasGas Company Limited.

The event will set in context the industry’s challenges and opportunities in the global energy mix while also addressing wider social and economic development issues. This is especially important given the increasing demand for cleaner energy and the crucial importance of natural gas not only as a transition fuel but the foundation for stable, long-term energy security.

Jérôme Ferrier, President of the IGU, said:
“The energy industry is already shaping the political and economic agenda for 2015 across the world. The 26th World Gas conference represents a rare opportunity for the global sector leadership to set out its ambitions for the gas industry and, more crucially, the role it can play in meeting the world’s most urgent development issues amid extraordinary energy market turbulence. The breadth and depth of the programme and the range of prestigious speakers reflects the significance of this event both for the industry and the energy sector more widely.

“COP21 will potentially be the most important climate negotiations since Kyoto. Establishing the role that gas can play as a foundation for a more balanced and, ultimately, lower carbon global economy could therefore not have greater urgency. Natural gas can increase energy market stability, reduce CO2 emissions and enhance the sustainability of supplies for communities around the world. But achieving this requires investment, innovation and public support. In 2015, through the World Gas Conference and COP 21, we have the opportunity to make progress against all of these crucial objectives.”

Daniel Paccoud, IGU National Organising Committee Chairman, said:
“The dynamic and resilient city of Paris is a highly appropriate venue for discussions on the future of gas, and of world energy. Here our visitors from across the globe will see practical demonstrations of tomorrow’s energy today, with showcase cutting-edge technological and commercial advances, a dedicated pavilion on Natural Gas for Transportation, and live product demonstrations and launches.”

The conference will feature discussions and debates on some of the most pressing issues and solutions within the gas industry today, including:

  • Natural gas as a core pillar for a sustainable future of the planet
  • Gas, renewables and electricity
  • Natural gas as a growth factor for new economies
  • Human Capital for the future of the gas industry

Sponsors of this prestigious event include Total SA, GDF Suez, Qatar Gas, Shell, RasGas, Kogas, Exxon Mobil and Chevron.

With a comprehensive 45,000 m2 exhibition space, the 26th World Gas Conference will showcase exhibitors and sponsors from across the industry, bringing together the latest technologies, industry solutions and lessons learned from tried and tested practices.

Bookings can be made on the official event website www.wgc2015.org.

Media Enquiries:

World Gas Conference 2015 International
Jamie Robertson
Tel: +44 (0)20 3727 1444
Email: Jamie.Robertson@fticonsulting.com

Caroline Cutler
Tel: +44 (0)20 3727 1424
Email: Caroline.Cutler@fticonsulting.com

Annual Meeting of European Gosciences Students Network

Annual Meeting of European Gosciences Students Network

When: 3-9 August 2015

Where: Zalesie, near Stryszów, Poland

Pre-registration: 30th April 2015

Contact: http://europeangeosciencestude.apps-1and1.net/contact/ 

Website: http://www.eugen-ev.de/ 



What is EUGEN?

EUGEN is the abbreviation for the ‘EUropean GEosciences students Network’. The main goal of the EUGEN association is to organize annual meetings in Europe for geoscience students from all over the world.

Eugen 2015 will take place in wonderful place called Lesser Poland. It is a region which is mostly built of  flysch- so you will be in the very heart of Outer Carpathian Mountains.

What do we do at an EUGEN-meeting?

The EUGEN meeting takes place in the first week of August and last a whole week. The program usually contains three days of geological fieldtrips, organized by the local hosts (students of geology) in league with their university professors and/or national geological survey.


Engineering Job Fair by BEST AGH in Cracow

Engineering Job Fair by BEST AGH in Cracow

When: 25-26 March 2015

Where: TS Wisla Hall, 22 Reymonta Street 

Website: http://itp.best.krakow.pl/20155/en/

We would like to invite you for a participation in Engineering Job Fair (Inżynierskie Targi Pracy) in Cracow.


Engineering Job Fair is the main project organised by the BEST AGH Kraków Students Associacion (Board of European Students of Technology).
The biggest advantage of the Engineering Job Fair is the possibility of meeting representats of various lines of business all in one place at one time. It is a chance to acquaint students and graduates of Cracovian Univeristies with a wide range of job offers, internships and training periods that are provided by the labour market. The Engineering Job Fair is a perfect opportunity to get to know what the employers do expect from their employees, what ways of development are generated by a specific company and also what additional qualifications are recommended to be gained in order to become a better employee.
The information you can get directly from the employers can facilitate future employees making a decision regarding their own career path. During the Engineering Job Fair a candidate is given a chance of asking questions of his concern and presenting himself to the potencial employer.
The Engineering Job Fair is a way of increasing self-awarness among young people concerning their future and both their strenghts and fields of interest. As for many it is the first serious contact with an employer, the Engineering Job Fair seems to be the initial step towards a career.”


12th International Youth Oil and Gas Forum Almaty

12th International Youth Oil and Gas Forum Almaty

When: 17-18 April 2015

Where: Kazakh National Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Submission deadline: 15th March 2015

E-mail: kntu.forum2015@gmail.com

Website: http://www.kntu-spe.kz/ (Russian)



We would like to propose you a participation in 12th International Youth Oil and Gas Forum. The event will be held from 17th to the 18th of April 2015 at Kazakh National Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan and it is organized by KNTU SPE Student Chapter.

The previous edition consist of: student science – paper contest, technical seminar, exhibition of petroleum equipment, International Intellectual Game, Engineer Game, panel discussion with participation of petroleum industry professionals and students and petroleum party.

You can gain more information by e-mail: kntu.forum2015@gmail.com


BG International Forum For Students

BG International Forum For Students

BG International Forum For Students
Where: UFA, Russia
When: 11-13 May 2015
website: http://www.npf.geotec.ru/spe/FORUM.html10855024_10200165594018667_6246901465824707086_o

Central and Eastern Europe Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015

17 February, 2015 Events No comments
Central and Eastern Europe Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015

Central and Eastern Europe Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015

9 i 10 of marca, Radisson Blu Centrum, Warszawa


Podczas gdy kraje Europy środkowej i wschodniej starają się wprowadzić zmiany prawne, aby ułatwić inwestycje w gaz łupkowy, Litwa poczyniła największe postępy. Problemy prawne zostały rozwiązane i nowe firmy wydobywcze wykazują zainteresowanie koncesjami. W związku z powyższym Biuro Premiera Litwy wyśle swoich przedstawicieli na konferencję CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN SHALE GAS AND OIL SUMMIT, aby omówili litewskie regulacje dotyczące poszukiwań i wydobycia gazu łupkowego. Przedstawią delegatom niedawne zmiany prawne a Karolis Švaikauskas, Główny Specjalista Ropy i Gazu Misterstwa Energii Litwy bardziej szczegółowo omówi rządowe strategie rozwoju tego przemysłu oraz nastawienie dotyczące tego sektora z perspektywy energetycznej.


Poszukując nowych źródeł energii, stajemy się również bardziej ekologicznie świadomi i tradycyjne metody wydobywcze stają się mniej akceptowane. Naukowcy i firmy wydobywcze stale poszukują lepszych, tańszych i bardziej wydajnych metod wydobywania ropy i gazu i niedawno, grupa naukowców z WAT opatentowała tańszą i bezpieczną dla środowiska metodę wydobycia gazu łupkowego. Ich projekt nazywa się DIOX4SHELLi Dr inż. Danuta Miedzińska omówi tę metodę oraz pracę zespołu WAT na konferencji w Warszawie.


Ta nowa metoda wydaje się być technologicznym przełomem dla przemysłu – z perspektywy operacyjnej oraz ekologicznej. Metody używane w tej chwili są dalekie od ideału w obu tych sytuacjach, podczas gdy powyższa metoda nie powoduje ryzyka dla środowiska, nie wymaga użycia wody i domieszek chemicznych i nie niesie ze sobą niebezpieczeństwa spowodowania lokalnych trzęsień ziemi. Byłaby też tańsza od obecnej i pozwoliła na wydobycie czterokrotnie większej ilości gazu. W związku z tym, że jest ona bezpieczna dla środowiska, pozwoliłaby na złagodzenie niepokojów związanych z tym gazem.


Ponieważ temat opinii publicznej wymaga więcej uwagi i zrozumienia Corneliu Condrea, Dyrektor Ropy i Gazu w Ministerstwie Energii Rumunii omówi podejście kraju do głównych i spornych aspektów technologii szczelinowania hydraulicznego (zanieczyszczenie wody, dodatki chemiczne, trzęsienia ziemi itd.) i odbiór opinii publicznej tego typu wydobycia.


Konferencja omówi innowacje, skuteczne wydobycie, aspekty prawne w Europie, wyzwania i przeszkody, wydarzenia, geologię, wydajność energetyczną, perspektywy dla Ukrainy, Litwy, Rumunii, Polski i Niemiec oraz promocję inwestycji.

Konferencja zgromadzi przedstawicieli rządowych, ekspertów oraz firmy wydobywcze i gość będzie też lunch Polish Shale Coalition.


Rejestracja delegatów: http://www.ceeshalegas.com/#!register/c11fi


Sposorzy: callum.flynn@charlesmaxwell.co.uk


Marketing i rejestracja: zuzanna.marchant@charlesmaxwell.co.uk