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Poland grows in Energy

Poland grows in Energy

    Energy market analysis is complex and multilevel endeavor. What can we say about an energy security in Poland? Is decarbonization of the economy possible? How the amendment to a bill about the monitoring and of controlling the quality of fuels system will have an impact on this sector? Those are just few questions from the debate of the most important representatives of energy sector in Poland. Participants of XXIII Energy Conference EuroPOWER will have opportunity to answer this questions. The meeting takes place 13th and 14th of April 2016 at the Westin Warsaw Hotel. The organizer of the conference is MM Conferences S.A.


Discussions held during the event relate to the most important changes in the market, analysis of the new trends and allow to search common business models and pursue the most effectively market strategies. The scope of the conference includes also adaption methods to new legal regulations and appropriate response to the dynamic changes on the market. Participation of a wide spectrum of key decision-makers enables a holistic view on energy and its presentation in a broad social context.

  • This conference is always very interesting and though organizers it congregates decision-makers who debate about energy market. Interesting place and time well spent – say Piotr Łuba, Executive Partner of Business Consulting Division of PwC and the Chief of Energy Group PwC in Poland.

The agenda of the conference is co-created by The Advisory Board under the chairmanship of dr. Leszek Juchniewicz. The Board consists of presidents and board members from key energy companies, government, regulator, academia, chambers of commerce representatives, i.a.:

  • Maciej Bando, President of Energy Regulatory Office
  • Tomasz Dąbrowski, Director of the Energy Department, Ministry of Economy
  • Marek Woszczyk, President of the Management Board, PGE
  • Henryk Majchrzak, President of the Management Board, PSE
  • Jean-Andre Barbosa, General Director for CEE, AREVA

During the XXIII edition of EuroPOWER the Grand Gala of Leaders of Energy World will take place. During this personalities, projects and companies that have a positive impact on the development of the industry, promoting environmental protection will be awarded. Competition categories are:

  • Man of the Year
  • Operator of the Year
  • Producer of the Year
  • Trader of the Year
  • Energy Solutions Provider
  • CSR

We invite you to see photo gallery from earlier editions.

More information can be found on the website http://en.konferencjaeuropower.pl


Monika Nowak

Junior Project Manager
phone: +48 22 379 29 11
mobile: +48 530 662 013

SPE Black Gold Symposium

SPE Black Gold Symposium

We have great pleasure to invite you to participate in the SPE BG Symposium for students and young specialists which will take part from 11-13 of May 2016. It will be the second edition, last year we have more than 90 participants from different part of the world: Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Namibia, Zambia, Canada, Nigeria, Tanzania. The SPE BG Symposium will take place in Ufa, Russia .

BG International Forum is a good chance for students to exchange their experience. It is a research, manage, making contacts, soft and hard skills. One of the main aims of the Symposium is sharing knowledge of Petroleum and Oil World through students from different countries and states.


Some Events:

Technical Session means an actual lecture from speakers working for one of the top-company. This representative speak about modern technologies, innovations inventing in Petroleum and Gas area. A purpose of Technical Session is getting source knowledge.

Soft Skills Training is focused on the improvement of communicative, management and soft skills which will help students to build their future career.

SPE Round Table is the most important Symposium event. Its aim is exchanging different chapters’ experiences, making contacts between student chapters from Russia and other countries.

“Oil Barrel” – the business game. There is increasing knowledge in untraditional way that leads to better comprehension of information. Another target of “Oil Barrel” is identification the most united team, which is able to work together. This Game will be organized by Kazan Federal University SPE Student Chapter.

Field Trip – (provide by HALLIBURTON company) under the initiative of the Bashkir State University administration, it was suggested to get acquainted with unique natural landmarks of the Republic of Bashkortostan. There are three main areas known as Western, South and Mountain.

🌐 To register, attach your abstract on our website:

📬 npf.geotec.ru/spe/CONGRESS (deadline is 1st of April)

Event is organized by Bashkir State University SPE Student Chapter and Geophysics Department

obyavlenie4(click to enlarge)



Shale World UK

18-19 May 2016

ILEC Conference Centre





Shale World UK 2016 Logo






Shale World UK returns for its 4th year on May 18-19 at London’s ILEC Conference Centre in Earl’s Court. The event is all about business strategy and engagement for the UK shale and onshore oil and gas industry, and is the largest and most highly regarded conference and expo for the sector.


Over 400 operators, existing and prospective UK license holders, local and national government, planning authorities, service companies and industry experts will attend, in what will be a pivotal year for the industry.


Speakers include:

  •  Tom Pickering, Operations Director, INEOS Shale
  • Stephen Bowler, CEO, IGas Energy
  •  Andrea Leadsom, Minister of State, D.E.C.C. – Department of Energy & Climate Change
  •  Stephen Sanderson, Executive Chairman and CEO, UK Oil & Gas Investments (UKOG)
  •  Graham Dean, Managing Director, Reach Exploration
  •  Averil Macdonald, Chair, UKOOG (UK Onshore Oil & Gas)
  •  Mark Lappin, Director UK-Netherlands E&P Subsurface, Centrica
  • Jim Ellis, CEO, Alberta Energy Regulator
  •  Francis Egan, CEO, Cuadrilla Resources
  •  Colette Cohen, Chair – NCOOG & SVP E&P UK&NL, Centrica


**YoungPetro readers save 15% using voucher code “XPQN”**


See full details online – http://www.terrapinn.com/shaleuk





The Adam Mickiewicz University and the University of Silesia Student Chapters of the SEG invite all enthusiasts of geosciences to attend the SEG/EAGE 7th International Geosciences Student Conference in Katowice, Poland. The event will take place on 11 – 14 July 2016 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia.

The program of IGSC 2016 provides a platform for students and young professionals of all geoscientific disciplines to learn from today’s experts and share their own experience through participation in technical presentations, keynote lectures, short courses, workshops, student competitions, field trips, and a trade exhibition.

Registration and call for papers is open until 30 April 2016. Early bird prices expire on 29 February 2016.


  • Access to an international audience of geoscience professionals and students from Europe, Asia and Africa;
  • A chance to share your knowledge, research and ideas with others in four technical sessions: Geology, Geophysics, Oil & Gas, and Polar and Environmental Studies;
  • An opportunity to receive valuable feedback from industry professionals, university professors and experienced researchers;
  • An opportunity to network with other conference participants during social events like the Icebreaker Reception or the Farewell Gala.

Abstract template, submission instructions, technical sessions descriptions, information about field trips, keynote speakers, fees and program can be found on www.igsc7.us.edu.pl. Ready abstracts should be submitted using the conference registration form also available on our website.

If you have any questions, contact us at igsc7poland@gmail.com.

YP_nastrone_IGSC7 (1)

Annual Student Energy Conference 2016

Annual Student Energy Conference 2016

The Conference brings together some of the best students and young professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the energy world, with a strong emphasis on the oil & gas industry.





The Conference lasts FOUR EXCITING DAYS and is packed with educational and social activities, including:

– compelling keynote addresses from industry experts;

– educational sessions with student and expert presenters;

  • panel discussions;
  • workshops;
  • conference coffee-breaks featuring traditional local desserts;
  • topical lunches and dinners with delicious local food;
  • field trip;
  • a student party to top it all off!

When: 9th – 12th March 2016

Where: University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Website: http://spes.rgn.hr/asec/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/118051465228015/



Participant registration is now open — deadline is February 15th.

  • The Call for Abstracts is now open — abstract submission deadline is February 1st.
  • All in all — this event is guaranteed to be highly educational, fun and unforgettable! Places are limited so secure your place now!
  • Please share this event with your colleagues and friends who might be interested. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Conference!

Great expectations – COP21.

Great expectations – COP21.

It has been over a month since Paris Climate Conference had place. That was the biggest meeting of its kind since the andoption of Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and it connected representatives of 196 countries from all over the world. The overarching goal of the Paris Agreement (global agreement that was negotiated) is to reduce greenhouse gas emission to limit the global temperature increase. Thinking about climate change and global warming we often think that it is connected with supporting the suistainable energy sources, blaming countries that base their energy production on conventionals and … this is partialy true, but how does it affect oil&gas sector?

In fact ten of the world’s big oil companies, mainly from Europe, jointly acknowledged that their industry must help address global climate change and said that they agreed with the United Nations’ goals of limiting global warming. This initiative was caused by the need of convincing skeptical world that energy companies, which base on fossil fuels, are serious about their impact on climate change problem. Even despite the fact that none of the American biggest oil companies took part in this statement Mr. Dudley, who is chief executive of BP, told reporters in Paris: “I think we can make the difference, almost every company here has large investments in the United States.” Changing the world’s energy mix is not easy. It will take time. Even with an exponential increase in investment in alternative energy, forecasts predict that fossil fuels will still make up a large share of the energy mix in 2040. Less than the 80% share of today, but almost certainly well over 50%.

Supplying growing need of world’s population in energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions requires technology development and transparent reporting. Oil and Gas Climate Initiative listed actions and instruments that they plan to introduce. Those included cleaning up their own operations, reducing methane emissions that escape from oil and gas installations, internal award, compensation schemes and exchange of information. Many experts say that solutions like putting a price on carbon or the trading of carbon-emission permits will only inevitably rise the prices of fuels, but still are most efficient. The carbon tax paid by Statoil in Norway has for decades been the highest in the world. That has helped them to be one of the most carbon-efficient producers of oil and gas in the world. It works.

What is more, not all fossil fuels produce the same amount of carbon dioxide when consumed. Shell and Total have already invested in natural gas bussiness in recent years, which emits much less carbon than oil and two times less than coal. So, replacing coal with gas in the power sector would reduce emissions in the EU by around 450m tonnes of CO2 a year.

Taking a more global look on the global warming unfortunately only EU countries are strongly commited to reduce emissions so goods produced by local companies become more expensive, customers choose those produced in developing countries, for example China, which contribution to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 30% and that creates a vicious cirle. Provided that China will stop the rise of greengases emission till 2035 other fast developing countries like India, south Asian, South American and African countries (together hold 20-30% of world’s CO2 emission) will not accept any of the restrictions unless they will get refund. If it comes to United States, contribution is 15%, The Byrd–Hagel Resolution is in force, what means that they cannot enter into any international treaty that could be harmful for their economy, but happily shale revolution which takes place there nowadays will enable lowering emission. With almost 0% of emission these countries are affected the most, but also their voice is the weakest- Small Island States such as Bahamas and Maldives. While others count financial profits and losses for these countries further rise of water in oceans may mean the end of their existance.

The agreement in Paris matters enormously. Not because it brings solutions and firm treaty that will be strictly kept by all the participants. But what it does, is that it has a vital value of creating a place for discussion and shows that diversity is important and even choices that every member of society make everyday matter. Pessimism will not bring about radical change. And pessimism will not orient us towards the solutions for climate change.




Shale World Europe conference

Shale World Europe conference

   On 17­th-18th of November 2015 in Warsaw, 6th annual Shale World Europe conference took place. Presentations contained valuable topics such as differences in type of shale gas resources in various parts of world. Chinese, UK and European (especially Polish shales) were mentioned. The considerations were about: how could it be exploited, what is the approach of the community, what are geological terms, process of getting licenses etc. Moreover, several companies presented their business profile and actual position in shale gas industry. Speakers presented their material and confronted with the questions from the audience during this two-day event.

   Regarding content of the conference, several topics were raised. First, taxation scheme is preventing potential activity not only in Poland but in Hungary too. Governments need to be more realistic and lower the fees. As for Ukrainian shale, western and eastern areas of country are perspective for unconventional gas production. It’s similar to Polish but the approach is different. Technology, policy, military and environmental issues are involved too, that shows how many factors are hindering the potential exploitation. Secondly, it’s worth to emphasize that large companies such as Chevron, abandoned Ukraine and Poland. The reasons could be demand of large capital investments and discouraging taxation. On the other hand, it was claimed that European conventional sources are running out and it’s the best time for research programs. Also, natural gas should be in coexistence with renewables because there is no future without any hydrocarbons. The last thing to deal is social license – companies needs to engage local communities and then maintain that engagement.


   Summing up, how can we solve the problems? No matter which part of world we choose, technology needs to be localized and companies needs to be prepared to involve themselves in a long-term relationship as it comes to invest and exploit shales. At Shale Gas World 2015, a group of professionals and people linked with industry created a summative point at the end of the year as for current shale situation. This topic is of course much more elaborate, we recommend to stay tuned for more detailed report from conference in upcoming YoungPetro issue.


6th Shale Gas World Europe Conference & Exhibition

6th Shale Gas World Europe Conference & Exhibition



17-18 November 2015


Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Centre, Warsaw, Poland

What is Shale Gas World Europe?

The 6th annual event is the largest and best attended shale event on the continent. It will allow you to meet the largest gathering of Europe’s unconventional pioneers and help develop the future of unconventional oil and gas. What Shale Gas World Europe achieves is connecting shale gas operators with local and national governments, European authorities, license holders, investors, and solution providers. Collaboration, partnering, advancing technology, influencing stakeholders and sharing experience – these issues, essential for developing this burgeoning industry, will be mentioned during the event.

The conference:

  • Hear from over 30 speakers, understanding the latest results and forward plans from operators and the strategies of local and national government
  • Participate in interactive round table sessions focussed on EU countries with shale prospects and specific technical issues in unconventional E&P
  • Highlighting the latest technologies and services in the industry
  • Meet and build lasting business relationships with all of the key figures in European shale gas and oil
  • Learn how European wide Shale production could impact upon local economies, job creation, and energy security

For more information, please visit www.terrapinn.com

Open Libya Oil & Gas Forum in London

Open Libya Oil & Gas Forum in London

When: on 19-21st October 2015

Where:  London, UK

Website: www.libyaoilgas.com

During his first keynote speech in front of the oil and gas community at last year’s New Libya Oil & Gas 2014 Forum, Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the Libyan NOC, stated that production output is his highest priority. Indeed, a major oil company operating in the country just announced that their production in Libya has now exceeded the pre-revolution levels. On 22nd May, the same company announced an offshore discovery, something that proves the enormous role that Libya plays and is destined to play in the global oil industry.



This year, at the 4th New Libya Oil & Gas 2015 Forum, organised by IRN on 19-21st in London under the official patronage of the National Oil Corporation of Libya, Mustafa Sanallah will give a keynote opening speech and the key NOC affiliate companies’ and joint ventures’ Chairmen will give an overview of operations and development plans in the country. The 3rd day of the Forum will feature two workshops, the first one on oil and gas regulations and Petroleum Law in Libya and the second one on physical security and risk management in Libya.


Amongst speakers will be the Chairman of Mellitah Oil & Gas (joint venture between ENI and NOC), the Head of Downstream Development, the Chairman of AGOCO (Arabian Gulf Oil Company), the Head of Exploration, the Head of Reserves, the Head of Planning, the Head of Cooperation, the Head of Technical Information and the Head of Marketing. The Former Chairman of the NOC Libya, Nuri Berruin will also be present at the Forum. International oil companies with long operations in the country such as the Shell will also be sharing their insights.

Last year the Forum’s 300 senior level attendee delegation included Total, OMV, Statoil, Gazprom Neft, Petrobras, Hess Corporation Libya, ExxonMobil, Sonatrach Libya (SIPEX), Crosco, Technip, BB Energy Group, British Arab Commercial Bank, Shell International Upstream, Yokogawa Middle East & Africa, Occidental Libya Oil and Gas, Petrofac International Limited, Egyptian Drilling Company and GE Oil & Gas.

More information about the Forum is available on the website: www.libyaoilgas.com and released bimonthly in the Forum’s newsletter to which someone can subscribe here.

• The Summit is organised by International Research Networks, a leading business intelligence group, transmitting information through highly topical Conferences, Summits, Meetings and Reports. To find out more please visit www.irn-international.com
• For all media and press enquiries please contact Xenia Sapanidi at XeniaS@irn-international.com, +44 (0) 207 111 1615.


Black Gold International Forum in Ufa – Report

Black Gold International Forum in Ufa – Report

Bashkir State University and BashSU SPE Student Chapter

The «Black Gold» International Forum was held in the Bashkir State University on 11-13 May of 2015 for the first time. The event was organized by BashSU SPE student Chapter. The Forum took place on the base of the Department of Geophysics, Physical-Technical Institute of Bashkir State University.

BashSU SPE Student Chapter has got more than 100 applications from all over the world. Our participants were from Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tyumen, Tomsk, Ufa), Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Atyrau), Germany, India, Namibia, Canada, Nigeria and Tanzania.


May 11th, 2015 – The First Day

The guests arrived in the capital on May 11, and immediately, on the first day, were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and beauty of our city. They were provided with housing on the basis of the hotel «Biatlon», which is ideally located in a green area of Ufa. There was also the opportunity to rent bicycles and roller skates for active rest lovers.

In that evening students visited the Lyalya-Tulip Mosque, the Victory Park, the Monument to Salavat Yulaev, the “House of Friendship of People”, the Aksakov Park, the Nesterov Museum and the Ferris wheel.

Of course, in that day, many students have discovered not only man-made sights of the city, but also the sincere flavor of the Republic of Bashkortostan and its capital – the real beauty of nature, which is so skillfully gets along in one of the largest cities in Russia.


May 12th,  2015- The Second Day

In the second day of the forum BashSU SPE Student Chapter  officially welcomed the participants and guests of the event, presented the management team of the University and the Department of Geophysics and organized a concert with the participation of creative teams and performers of the University.

After the Opening Ceremony, all students were divided into technical sections devoted to contemporary problems of oil and gas industry. The participants shared their experience and told about their scientific papers.

After the lunch, young people attended the workshops from oil and gas industry specialists: Tagir Salakhov and Azat Yusupov from «ROSNEFT», Andrey Bochkov from GAZPROMNEFT-STC.

The participants to could also work at the personal growth technique with USPTU SPE Student Chapter, which conducted the «Soft Skills» training, or take part in oil and gas intellectual game «Oil Barrel», organized by Kazan Federal University SPE Student Chapter. At the same time, the SPE Round Table was carried out. The students shared reports about their progress and discussed the common successes.

At the Closing Ceremony the President of BashSU SPE Student Chapter Regina Nafikova and the Vice-president Emil Fattakhov presented awards to winners and prize-winners in all sections. The gifts were also presented to winners of intellectual game «Oil Barrel». It is noteworthy that all prizes in the «Oil and Gas service» section were won by BSU students.

May 13th,  2015- The Third Day

The third day of the Forum was perhaps the most exciting event for participants. It was the Field Trip outside Ufa as a geological practice. We visited the amazing lake-spring Zyangyar Cul – Blue Lake, climbed to the top of limestone mountains with breathtaking views. The next point of our trip was the health resort «Krasnousolsk», which is famous for its mineral waters and curative mountain air.


Inconclusion, wewanttoaddthatallparticipantsoftheForumweresatisfiedandcontinuetosendpositivefeedbackabouttheevent, inwhichtheypromisedtocomenextyear.

For reference: *SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is an international noncommercional organization of technical specialists of oil and gas industry.

SPE Student Chapter was found in the Bashkir State University in March of 2013. Chapter works with student and post-graduate students, allowing them to learn more about oil and gas industry and to obtain useful skills of business communication.
For further information about BashSU SPE student Chapter activity you can found on the following links: 
VK group and insert on the site of SPC «Geotec».

BashSU SPE Student Chapter would like to express special thanks to the following companies for their support in holding of «Black Gold» International Forum:

  • Scientific and Production Company
  • Scientific and Production Center Geotec
  • LLC«BashNIPIneft
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Halliburton International Inc.
  • Schlumberger Company


Also we would like to express thanks for the assistance of our media partner YoungPetro

BashSU SPE Student Chapter also expresses thanks

Department of Geophysics of Bashkir State University


We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to media-partner “Young Petro” magazine


Please do not hesitate to contact us: 


  • Regina Nafikova

President of BashSU SPE Student Chapter



  • Emil Fattakhov

Vice-President of BashSU SPE Student Chapter



  • Guzel Vakhitova

Coordinator of BashSU SPE Student Chapter



You can find more photos on the following links:

Opening Ceremony: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p4ewmlekgcw551t/AAC2DmyRtwlieFqNRq1sWvoTa?dl=0

Sections: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvex9c33h9tdi6b/AACEldDj0BxiNvtALL9vzrEsa?dl=0

Closing Ceremony: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jxxsftrqtfmohla/AAClHkSCNHcj7uW_EkfhtT_9a?dl=0