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18th edition of EuroPower Conference- report

18th edition of EuroPower Conference- report

From the 20th to 21st November the 18th edition of EuroPower Conference took place in Warsaw. For 18 years, the Conference has been the place where people from the energy sector have a chance to meet and discuss. Among invited guests, there are chief executive officers, members of boards and representatives of companies from energy sector. Those guests represent many important Polish companies like: PGNiG, Orlen, GazSystem, PGE, Dalkia Warsaw and many more. This is also the place where authorities from this industry can exchange their knowledge and experience with people who work in the government administration.

The EuroPower Conference was divided into discussion panels. Each one took up relevant topics in terms of energy sector. Speakers received questions from moderator, exchanged opinions with other participants of discussion and also answered questions from the audience. 

The subject of each discussion panel insisted on the energy future of Poland. Participants discussed significant role of coal in energy production. They looked for new solutions related with limitation of fossil fuels contribution. Participants also talked about new technologies which are launched in energy market gradually. They considered possible development of innovations in Poland and discussed potential advantages and disadvantages of launching new products.

The EuroPower Conference was a great opportunity to meet current trends in energy market. It was also an occasion to find out about projects connected with the industry. The Conference helped in better understanding of the Polish energy market and let all participants to come to know about new improvements.  

Oil & Gas Festival 2013 Student Congress

Oil & Gas Festival 2013 Student Congress



When: 20th – 22nd November 2013

Where: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ogfest2013


Oil and Gas Festival 2013 is a new brand event held by SPE UTM Student Chapter. The aim of this event is to give deeper understanding to every participant towards the latest development and technologies in oil and gas industries.

With the theme of “Human Integrity, Empowering Technology & Environmental Tranquility”, it reflects what oil and gas industry needs nowadays. In recent years, the oil and gas sector is the mainstay of Malaysia’s growth and it contributes approximately 20% of national gross domestic product (GDP). However, there are still challenges and obstacles that need to overcome such as the potential of new enhance oil recovery technique (EOR), deep water development, high pressure and temperature environment, and high concentration of carbon dioxide in the reservoir.

We do believe that this festival will open up the minds of university students and make them aware of the need to develop new technologies in order to shape our future, as well as sustaining environment. Moreover, this event will bring together students and experts related to oil and gas industry to present their results, and exchange experience, ideas, and solutions regarding oil and gas problems in theoretical and practical aspects by discussions, seminars, company workshop, and refreshing competitions as well as to strengthen the kinship and friendship among students.



Petrodrive is a programme designed to introduce and give exposure about oil and gas industry to Matriculation students around Malaysia. The main objective of this programme is to attract students‟ interest towards oil and gas industry.


Go Green Charity is a programme that we specially designed to give back to Mother Nature. Basically this programme is to plant mangrove trees along the seashore at targeted place. Besides to preserve the natural habitats of flora and fauna in Malaysia, this programme is made to raise the awareness of protecting environment among the committee members.


The Society of Petroleum Engineers UTM had come up with revolutionary method to further enhance the much needed soft skills of its member by doing this programme. The camp emphasize on a single objective which is to further enhance its members soft skills that would make them an ideal human capital.


Furthermore, SPE UTM organises the Conference, which is connected with student competitions.

First of them is Petrobrain– fast-paced quiz competition with questions technical and non- technical questions.

Paper Presentation Contest is designed to discover and honor outstanding papers in the field of Oil&Gas Industry.

Field Development Project is a competition which requires participants to develop given oil and gas field in an structured way to produce the hydrocarbon reserves optimally!

Another competition is Mud Innovation Competition which requires experiment and presentation of participant’s mud to the judges. Certain chemicals will be given as the essential materials on making the mud.

The last proposal from SPE UTM is Green Photography Contest!

Please come and join Oil & Gas Festival 2013 now! For more information, please visit the link below:


IADC Critical Issues for Unconventionals Europe 2013- report

IADC Critical Issues for Unconventionals Europe 2013- report

It was two amazing days in beautiful city called Warsaw, many interesting lectures about unconventional resources of oil and gas, provided by the best of the best professionals, coming from all over the world – it could be the last sentence of our report from IADC Critical Issues for Unconventionals Europe 2013 Conference.

Taking part in that event was a great opportunity to find out what is going to be important during exploration and exploitation of unconventional resources in Europe. There is a vast variety of problems which could occur during every single process, because unconventional resources demand unconventional methods.  Usage of those unconventional methods requires continuous increase of skills and knowledge people who are using them. At the conference all of participants could take part in the discussion, they could ask questions and share their experiences connected with topic of ongoing lecture.

Lecturers from companies such as Chevron or Schlumberger shared with other participants whole cross-section of challenges which occurred during their work with unconventional resources in US and Europe. They have also shown differences between exploration those resources in the US and Europe. Due to professionals discussion it seems that exploitation of European basins would be tougher not only because of different geological conditions but also because of more restrictive law.

For us, students it was a great opportunity to find out on which particular issue we should focus during our education. That event broaden our horizons in every single piece of unconventionals, such as: HSE, technical or social issues.

EUROPOWER Energy Conference 2013

EUROPOWER Energy Conference 2013

XVIII edycja Konferencji Energetycznej EUROPOWER

20-21 listopada 2013r., Hotel Sheraton, Warszawa


Konferencja EUROPOWER to wydarzenie, które od kilkunastu lat skupia w jednym miejscu prezesów, członków zarządów, dyrektorów koncernów oraz grup energetyczno-paliwowych, elektrowni, elektrociepłowni, przedsiębiorstw sieciowych oraz firm świadczących usługi dla podmiotów branży energetycznej.


Spotkanie to jest miejscem wymiany wiedzy i doświadczeń ekspertów sektora energetyczno-paliwowego oraz administracji centralnej. Konferencja EUROPOWER jest efektywną platformą dialogu dotyczącego rozwoju rynków na różnych płaszczyznach. Uczestnicy tego wydarzenia mają okazję do rozmowy o najistotniejszych zmianach zachodzących na rynku, analizy nowych trendów oraz wspólnego poszukiwania modeli biznesowych, pozwalających na realizację przyjętych wcześniej strategii.


Zakres tematyczny Konferencji współtworzony jest przez Radę Programową, w skład której wchodzą prezesi, dyrektorzy oraz eksperci reprezentujący kluczowe firmy i instytucje sektora paliwowo-energetycznego. Podczas tegorocznej, 18. już edycji Konferencji, Rada Programowa wprowadza nową formułę jej przebiegu. Nowatorstwo to polega na przedstawieniu holistycznego spojrzenia na energetykę i zaprezentowanie jej w kontekście determinujących ją argumentów, jakimi są społeczeństwo i gospodarka.


Zagadnieniami, którym poświęcona będzie tegoroczna Konferencja, będą :

  • Efektywny model makroekonomiczny dla polskiej gospodarki energetycznej,
  • Nowoczesny klient na rynku energii i jego oczekiwania pod adresem energetyki,
  • Konkurencja na rynku gazu – możliwości i ograniczenia, prawdopodobne scenariusze rozwoju,
  • Polityka energetyczna – jak realizować jej cele przy posiadanych zasobach i narzędziach?
  • Przejście od gospodarki opartej na tradycyjnych źródłach energii do zielonej energii – główne wyzwania i kierunki rozwoju.


Patronat honorowy nad tym wydarzeniem objęli m.in.:

  • Pan Marek Woszczyk – Prezes Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki,
  • Pan Janusz Piechociński – Wicepremier, Minister Gospodarki,
  • Pan Włodzimierz Karpiński – Minister, Ministerstwo Skarbu Państwa.
  • Pan Andrzej Czerwiński – Poseł na Sejm RP, Przewodniczący Parlamentarnego Zespołu ds. Energetyki,
  • Pan Adam Struzik – Marszałek Województwa Mazowieckiego.


Szczegółowy Program Konferencji oraz inne informacje, na temat tego wydarzenia znajdą Państwo na stronie internetowej: www.konferencjaeuropower.pl.

Oil and Gas Horizons Conference 2013 in Moscow

Oil and Gas Horizons Conference 2013 in Moscow

When: 11-13 November 2013

Where: Moscow, Russia

Submission deadline: 1 October 2013

E-mail address: 2013.ogh@gmail.com

Website: http://www.spe-gubkin.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/358858040908193/


Once again YoungPetro as a Media Partner invites students to take part in the fifth Science and Practical Conference “Oil and Gas Horizons” 2013 organized by Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter in Moscow.

Oil and Gas Horizons Conference represents a solid basis for students and industry professionals to share their knowledge and experience. The official language of the Conference is English. We consider it as a possibility for students to present their views on the current challenges and prospects of domestic and global petroleum industry, issues regarding professional training and internationalization of education as imperative for sustainable development as well as any other issues which they would consider as important.

The Conference will be focused on a wide range of issues concerning petroleum industry:

1. Geosciences: geology, geophysics, petrophysics.
2. Drilling and Completion: drilling technologies, drilling fluids, tools and well completion.
3. Oil and Gas Field Development: reservoir engineering, production engineering, offshore field development technology, oilfield equipment.
4. Transportation and Storage: transportation and storage of hydrocarbons and petroleum products.
5. Oil and Gas Chemistry and Ecology: oil refining, gas processing, chemical technology in oil and gas industry, ecological aspects of oil and gas industry.
6. Automation, Power Supply and Mechanization: automation, control systems, power supply, electronics, measurements and instrumentation, electrical and mechanical engineering issues in oil and gas industry.
7. Petroleum Economics and Management: economics and management in oil and gas industry, economical politics, political and legal aspects of oil and gas business.
8. Alternative Energy Sources: up-to-date technological solutions in energy industry, use of alternative energy sources, problem of reducing consumption of hydrocarbons.
9. PhD Papers Contest: PhD students paper contest on various themes of oil and gas industry.

Hope to meet you there!

The latest information regarding the Conference and any possible changes in its program will be posted on our website: https://www.spe-gubkin.org

4th annual Shale Gas World Europe 2013

4th annual Shale Gas World Europe 2013




When: 27 – 28 November 2013

Where: EXPO XXI Centre, Warsaw, Poland

Website: www.terrapinn.com/shalegaseu





Europe’s definitive unconventionals event

The 4th Annual Shale Gas World Europe brings together more E&P companies, service providers, and government representatives from across Europe than any other pan European unconventional event you might consider attending. Whether your focus is the UK, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Poland or is Europe-wide, you should join us.


Developing European unconventionals from exploration into production.

Join Europe’s premier industry marketplace as we cover all major opportunities and solutions in bringing the Shale boom to Europe. Our event will cover all major European nations with the best prospects of production, and our format will provide you the opportunity to attend affordable networking sessions suited to a variety of requirements.


10 reasons to attend 

  • Position yourself in one room filled with the 18 major national players in unconventional development
  • Sit in on deep interviews concerning European E&P outlook and Government incentives surrounding the fiscal regime
  • Participate in geographic and industry specific roundtables, networking with those who make a difference to your business
  • Meet and connect personally with C-level executives and key stakeholders in European Shale
  • Find the right partners to help bring unconventional resources into production
  • Hear NOC strategy in European shale procurement and production straight from company board members
  • Walk through our technical floor and discover the latest case studies, technologies and talk points in maximising the value of shale reserves
  • Discover how varied major and minor operators plan to manage their unconventional portfolios
  • Assess a future of unconventionals varied from shale gas, shale oil, coal bed methane, underground coal gasification, and coal mine methane
  • Discover how European wide Shale production

Petroleum Olympiad 2013- on-line quiz

Petroleum Olympiad 2013- on-line quiz



When: 25 (midnight IST) – 29 (midnight IST) October 2013

Where: On-line competition on www.upesspe.org

Registration start: 29 August 2013

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZLlTHLftWftp-oBFJIV0g8dDf47NU8U8HE-vNhN08DM/viewform


                                                                  E-mail address: spe.upes.pr@gmail.com


It is pleasure for us to invite you for Petroleum Olympiad. This on-line event is organized by University of Petroleum & Energy Studies SPE Student Chapter in October 2013. This year is the second edition of the Olympiad. First edition attracted students from: India, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Main rules of the contest:

  • Petroleum Olympiad is open to all students of full time courses in petroleum engineering or earth science domain and registered SPE International members
  • There is no registration or participation fee for the Olympiad
  • Each team consists of up to three members
  • No limits for the number of teams from a particular university/ college
  • Two best teams from each university will compete in the final during UPES SPE Fest 2014 in February in Dehradun, India
  • Top 3 teams will have separate prizes
  • Quiz contains of 50 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes
  • Subjects of questions: Geology, Drilling, Well Completion, Production, Well Logging etc. along with questions on general aptitude
  • The quiz will be opened for 3 days in October. Exact days will be announced soon
  • Each team has only one attempt to answer all questions

YoungPetro is an official media partner of this fantastic competition. Once again we would like to energize you and give an opportunity to test your knowledge!

European BEST Engineering Competitions 2013

European BEST Engineering Competitions 2013

European BEST Engineering Competition

  • The event of EBEC organized by BEST is one of the biggest engineering competitions held in Europe with 120 students of technology .
  • EBEC project consists of 3 levels, the local, national or regional and European or final level.
  • Teams of 4 students compete against each other. The winners of each local event compete against each other in National and Regional BEST Engineering Competitions
  • The competition categories are: Case Study and Team Design
  • Team Design is a category in which students construct a device within a given time from provided materials in order to achieve a predefined action using their knowledge and creativity.
  • Case Study deals with a theoretical problem in the field of technology or management presented to participants to solve it in their own specific way. After several hours of work the solutions of the problems are presented and compared with others.
  •  EBEC Project strives to involve students all around Europe for challenging themselves by gaining new practical knowledge, developing their soft, technical and analytical skills, and widen their horizons by engaging them in team based challenges, and at the end getting the name of best European engineer.

European BEST Engineering Competition 2013

  • BEST Warsaw will host the 5th European BEST Engineering Competition.
  • EBEC will be held from 1st to 9th August 2013, and it will gather 120 students of engineering from 83 well-known universities from 31 European countries.
  • The Official Opening day of EBEC will be held on the 2nd of August in Warsaw. Along with participants and organizers, it will be attended by the President of Warsaw, representatives of the University of Warsaw and representatives from companies which cooperate with BEST: P&G, Iveco, Deutsche Bahn, GSE, Engineering Design Center and European Patent Offfice.


WPC Youth Forum Calgary 2013

WPC Youth Forum Calgary 2013

 Why REGISTER today.



For the first time,the largest global gathering of young professionals

in the oil and gas industry will be hosted in Calgary, Canada – in the

heart of Canadian energy innovation. Space is limited so register now for your spot at the 4th WPC Youth Forum.

The solutions to today’s energy challenges will be developed by students and young professionals, like you, around the globe and the Youth Forum is the place to bring these bright minds together. The Youth Forum program has been developed around three core pillars – Business Leadership, Technical Innovation and Sustainability, with an exciting line-up of dynamic and high-profile speakers including;

  • Hon. Alison Redford, Premier, Government of Alberta;
  • Jeff Lehrmann, President, Chevron Canada Ltd.;
  • Nishi Vasudeva, Director of Marketing, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. and;
  • Zhou Jiping, President of the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC).

Why ATTEND or SEND your team:

We want you to register today and access industry leaders and technical expertise through technical tours, courses and presentations. Participate in leadership development and network with senior industry leaders, experts and peers. Expose yourself and your team to global perspectives and contribute in sessions that challenge conventional thinking and inspire new ideas. Attract and collaborate with Canadian and international students and gain experience, technical hours and new skills.


  • 1,500 international delegates:

–          Young professionals ages 20-35

–          Industry leaders, experts and non-industry stakeholders

–          Dignitaries, executives and policy makers

  • Host to the WPC Annual Executive Council:

–          200 global industry and government leaders from the WPC Executive

  • Students from each WPC member country and each Canadian province/territory
  • Register for; a tour of the Canadian oil sands, revisit Calgary’s 1988 Olympics or tour the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Need more information? Take a look at our Youth Forum website here: http://www.wpccanada.com/youthforum/ or connect with us as chair@WPCYouthForum.com

On behalf of the 4th WPC Youth Forum Organizing Committee, we want you to join us on October 22 – 25,2013 in Calgary, Canada.

Register today!