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European BEST Engineering Competitions 2013

European BEST Engineering Competitions 2013

European BEST Engineering Competition

  • The event of EBEC organized by BEST is one of the biggest engineering competitions held in Europe with 120 students of technology .
  • EBEC project consists of 3 levels, the local, national or regional and European or final level.
  • Teams of 4 students compete against each other. The winners of each local event compete against each other in National and Regional BEST Engineering Competitions
  • The competition categories are: Case Study and Team Design
  • Team Design is a category in which students construct a device within a given time from provided materials in order to achieve a predefined action using their knowledge and creativity.
  • Case Study deals with a theoretical problem in the field of technology or management presented to participants to solve it in their own specific way. After several hours of work the solutions of the problems are presented and compared with others.
  •  EBEC Project strives to involve students all around Europe for challenging themselves by gaining new practical knowledge, developing their soft, technical and analytical skills, and widen their horizons by engaging them in team based challenges, and at the end getting the name of best European engineer.

European BEST Engineering Competition 2013

  • BEST Warsaw will host the 5th European BEST Engineering Competition.
  • EBEC will be held from 1st to 9th August 2013, and it will gather 120 students of engineering from 83 well-known universities from 31 European countries.
  • The Official Opening day of EBEC will be held on the 2nd of August in Warsaw. Along with participants and organizers, it will be attended by the President of Warsaw, representatives of the University of Warsaw and representatives from companies which cooperate with BEST: P&G, Iveco, Deutsche Bahn, GSE, Engineering Design Center and European Patent Offfice.


WPC Youth Forum Calgary 2013

WPC Youth Forum Calgary 2013

 Why REGISTER today.



For the first time,the largest global gathering of young professionals

in the oil and gas industry will be hosted in Calgary, Canada – in the

heart of Canadian energy innovation. Space is limited so register now for your spot at the 4th WPC Youth Forum.

The solutions to today’s energy challenges will be developed by students and young professionals, like you, around the globe and the Youth Forum is the place to bring these bright minds together. The Youth Forum program has been developed around three core pillars – Business Leadership, Technical Innovation and Sustainability, with an exciting line-up of dynamic and high-profile speakers including;

  • Hon. Alison Redford, Premier, Government of Alberta;
  • Jeff Lehrmann, President, Chevron Canada Ltd.;
  • Nishi Vasudeva, Director of Marketing, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. and;
  • Zhou Jiping, President of the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC).

Why ATTEND or SEND your team:

We want you to register today and access industry leaders and technical expertise through technical tours, courses and presentations. Participate in leadership development and network with senior industry leaders, experts and peers. Expose yourself and your team to global perspectives and contribute in sessions that challenge conventional thinking and inspire new ideas. Attract and collaborate with Canadian and international students and gain experience, technical hours and new skills.


  • 1,500 international delegates:

–          Young professionals ages 20-35

–          Industry leaders, experts and non-industry stakeholders

–          Dignitaries, executives and policy makers

  • Host to the WPC Annual Executive Council:

–          200 global industry and government leaders from the WPC Executive

  • Students from each WPC member country and each Canadian province/territory
  • Register for; a tour of the Canadian oil sands, revisit Calgary’s 1988 Olympics or tour the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Need more information? Take a look at our Youth Forum website here: http://www.wpccanada.com/youthforum/ or connect with us as chair@WPCYouthForum.com

On behalf of the 4th WPC Youth Forum Organizing Committee, we want you to join us on October 22 – 25,2013 in Calgary, Canada.

Register today!