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YoungPetro 20th Issue Summer 2017

YoungPetro  20th Issue  Summer 2017

The new semester has arrived, spring is also already here and ‘East Meets West’ – International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo starts in 3 days. All that signs encouraged YoungPetro Team to deliver fresh and full of content the 20th issue of YoungPetro Magazine. We hope that you will find joy in reading articles developed by our authors and ambassadors. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

XIX Inżynierskie Targi Pracy [Polish Students]

XIX Inżynierskie Targi Pracy [Polish Students]

8 marca w godzinach 10:00-16:00 na Stadionie Miejskim im. Henryka Reymana przy ul. Reymonta 20 odbędzie się kolejna, już XIX edycja Inżynierskich Targów Pracy.

Wydarzenie organizowane przez Stowarzyszenie Studentów BEST AGH Kraków gości firmy z branż technicznych oferujących pracę, praktyki i staże. Inżynierskie Targi Pracy to świetna okazja, aby dowiedzieć się więcej o procesie rekrutacyjnym, a przede wszystkim – osobiście poznać pracodawcę.

Ponadto, zachęcamy do skorzystania z darmowych atrakcji takich jak:
– punkt konsultacji CV,
– stoisko fotografa, który zrobi Ci profesjonalne zdjęcie do CV,
– panele dyskusyjne, gdzie eksperci zdradzą sekrety sukcesu,
– warsztaty, które wzbogacą Twoją wiedzę i doświadczenie,
– spotkanie z coachem, który pomoże Ci wybrać odpowiednią ścieżkę kariery.

Zachęcamy również do zrelaksowania się w Strefie Studenta, przy darmowej kawie! Wpadnij i skorzystaj z naszej fotobudki!

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Oil and Gas Industry Career

Oil and Gas Industry Career

In the modern age, people have the choice to choose from a lot of professional career. It is easy for people now to pursue a career compared to old generations. Most of the educational systems are career oriented and students can shape their career from their young age onwards. The advancements in technology have allowed us to think about different careers that will help us to flourish professionally and personally.

Oil and gas are two of the main industries that present many job offers. You can find a lot of people pursuing career in oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry helps numerous people to plan a career in this field and lets you become successful as a professional as well. More or less everyone’s career in oil and gas is distinctive. Since the career in oil and gas industry is team-oriented, the people who wish to practice a career in this field should have a good grasp of the industry. Here is a look at how to begin a career in oil and gas industry:


Reliance is one of the most important things that the people who wish to start a career in oil and gas industry. The company that hires you should get ample influence to believe you and they will trust you if you are reliable. One of the top advantages of being a reliable person is that you can become the leader and the company you work under will persuade you to attain great heights quickly. If you are generally reliable, you will get the chance to work with many professionals and it will let you grow personally as well as professionally.

Study and Be Qualified

None of the people can earn a job without having proper education and qualification. The oil and gas industry also demands education and right qualifications from the part of employees. The importance of studying subjects related to oil and gas is very high. The value of earning a degree and proper qualification cannot be ignored in oil and gas industry. So, you don’t have the hesitation to obtain a degree and qualification related to the field of oil and gas industry if you would like to follow career in oil and gas field.

Conduct Research                                                                                                                                                         

It is significant for you to carry out research before entering into oil and gas industry. Researching will give you ample understanding on what you are required to do, how to improve your attitude, your present knowledge, and improve your knowledge in the oil and gas industry. It will lead you to find out which disciplines are in highest demand, the top companies to work for, the areas that are having considerable oil and gas growth, etc. You can also help you to realize the required technology skills and proficiency in the field of oil and gas.

Get Tips from an Expert

You don’t have to be shy to get advice and tips from somebody who is expert in oil and gas industry. Getting advice and tips will help you to become more aware of the careers in oil and gas industry. You can choose the ideal career in these industries and also lets you to make right decisions. People who have worked and working in oil and gas area have the industry knowledge and capability to talk to you regarding the chances that are accessible to you. It will help you to match you to the perfect role and find a perfect job position as well. Experts can minimize your concerns and lead you to walk straight.


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OPEC Agrees to Cut Production

OPEC Agrees to Cut Production

After eight years of unregulated production amount and two years of oil prices crisis OPEC shows it is not dead and finally will reduce output by about 1.2 million barrels a day by January. Consensus reached on Wednesday in Vienna may reverse the situation of the industry.

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Obtain a new equipment

Obtain a new equipment

There was a time, and not so long ago when a small oil companies in southern Texas had to send their employees for hundreds of kilometers to do a tour of the oil fields and check whether the machines are working properly. To notice a fault, it took a day or more and to fix it it could last a week or so. You can only imagine losses for the company then. Fortunately, we have 2016 and companies like Welder Exploration & Production don’t have to worry anymore about not knowing about what is state of their devices.


Today, it takes just seconds for Welder to learn that one of his company’s wells has gone down. That’s because in 2013, Welder Exploration became one of the first oil producers to sign on with WellAware, a tech startup that kits out clients’ oil and gas wells with hardware that transmits real-time data over its own radio network. Clients can access the information on a smartphone or tablet using WellAware’s mobile app or through a Web browser. Customers pay $15 to $100 a month per well, depending on the level of service and equipment.

Without a doubt U.S is highly advanced in drilling technology, this was the basis of the shale boom. However much of the oil industry lags far behind when it comes to technology above-ground. Now, when the industry is more focused on cost-cutting and optimization of production in existing deposits than search for new, digitizing operations has become much more appealing.

Dave Milam, head of product management at WellAware, says that the beginnings were not easy: “People used to tell me, ‘If you can’t help us find more oil and drill faster, I don’t have time to talk to you,’ ”. WellAware was founded 2012 and has raised $61 million in venture capital and counts billionaire Carlos Slim as an investor. The privately held company doesn’t report financial results, but Milam says its roster of customers has grown tenfold in the past year.

In a report released in March, McKinsey estimates that each of the world’s oil majors could reap $1 billion in cost savings and production increases from the adoption of digital technologies. In California, Chevron is using the latest technologies like drones, which are popular in Oil and Gas industry according to what we reported a few months ago.

Technological advances now allow for a very large savings in the industry and more accurate data collection with instant collecting them and sending for analysis. According to the speech of Ahmed Hashmi, global head of upstream technology at BP, the company has plowed “several hundred million dollars” into digital field technologies, which now cover about 85 percent of its oil and gas production around the world, compared with just 20 percent five years ago. “Digital is the rare technology that allows us to do more with less,” he said.

Despite the many advantages of technological advances in the industry are still many traditionalists attached to the old, proven technologies. To convince them to new solutions companies such as Bluetick, a North Carolina company that offers remote monitoring and automation services for oil and gas companies, shows how much save their competitors and that convince them.

source Bloomberg

Nord Stream 2 – what is it all about?

12 February, 2016 News No comments
Nord Stream 2 – what is it all about?

Nowadays we have tough times in Oil and Gas industry. Prices fly pell-mell, OPEC is showing their strong either USA and Russia have they own business. The game is played for high stakes due to market demand is still high. In recent days we can hear a lot of news about German and Russia project, Nord Stream 2. What is the controversy and why do not we all want to get him to agree?

Gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea, called Nord Stream works with the use of both threads with a total capacity of 55 billion m3 per year since 2011. Gas flows from Russia to Germany bypassing transit countries in Eastern Europe. The third and fourth thread planned under the Nord Stream 2 may allow to double the bandwidth and increase the export of gas in this part of Europe. This will lead to an increase in the importance of Gazprom on the market, the weakening of diversification of supply for Germany and thus other recipients such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. It will also lead to a weakening of the role of transit Ukraine, making it difficult to stabilize the region.

Opponents of the Nord Stream 2 show the direct, negative impact on the energy security of several countries of the European Union, especially for the diversification of supply sources – one of the key objectives of the, still being created, Energy Union. In addition, it is questionable economic interest behind the construction of the new capacity for the supply of gas, the current shape of the market and the significant risks of long-term investments in co-operation with Russia after the aggression against Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 was also one of the main topics of conversation between Polish Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski and the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Jan Mladek, which took place during the meeting of February 5. Visegrad group should have a unified position in that very case. It is obvious that the pipeline project is not the nature of the business, and the only political. Strengthen the dominant position of Gazprom in the EU markets will make the more difficult will be to build a competitive gas market in the EU – said Tchórzewski.

However, many of the countries of western Europe supports Nord Stream 2. A large part of this project would be Germany and Finland, through whose territory the pipeline would run. The project also was supported by France and the Netherlands. We do not know yet if Denmark will give their permission, which is addicted to decision on the environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Today, 12.02.2016 Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, during a visit to Berlin spoke with Angela Merkel, among other things about Nord Stream 2 and expressed concern about the project – We are concerned about support for the project Nord Stream 2, it is not incompatible with sanctions on Russia – said Szydło.

It is certain that Russia will exert pressure and try to soften opposition eastern and central parts of Europe in this topic. Whether it comes to the installation Nord Stream 2 depends on many factors, but primarily policy. The European Commission is currently investigating a case against the law. The next few months will probably be intensive treatments supporters and opponents.

Sources:  Szydło in BerlinBiznesalertBiznesalert

Lifted sanctions against Iran

17 January, 2016 News No comments
Lifted sanctions against Iran

Iran has fulfilled all obligations under the nuclear agreement, which in July last year concluded with world powers – said today the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano. As a result, the US and the EU decided to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Iran.

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Lower oil prices bode well for their growth

17 December, 2015 News No comments
Lower oil prices bode well for their growth

Constantly falling oil prices cause deeper cuts to spending and drilling. With WTI dipping to mid-$30s per barrel may even more significantly contribute to deterioration of the situation in the industry and consequently accelerate pace of adjustment.
This might be a sign of faster rebound than we have expected.

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