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The tenth-anniversary International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress «Oil and Gas Horizons» took place in Gubkin university

The tenth-anniversary International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress «Oil and Gas Horizons» took place in Gubkin university

International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress «Oil and Gas Horizons» took place from the 19th to 22nd November 2018 in Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. 80 students and postgraduates from 29 universities and 17 countries took part in the Congress this year.
The sponsors of the event were companies Schlumberger, PJSC «Tatneft» and JSC «Rosgeo». The partners of the Congress were PJSC «Lukoil» and Russian National Committee of the World petroleum Council. Informational support was provided by such magazines as ROGTEC, Neftegaz.ru, OGEL, OilandGas.com, «Automatizacia IT», «Energia Modernizacii», «Ingener I Promyshlennik Segodnya», «Catalog Mineralov», «Mir Nefteproduktov», «Optima Study», «Tochka Opory», Petroleum World, Oil and Gas Eurasia, «Sphera. Oil and Gas», «PravoTEK», The Way Ahead, Young Petro and ECHO.
During the opening ceremony the participants were greeted by Vice-Rector for Academic Work Vladimir Koshelev, VP Commercial Sales of company Schlumberger Artem Karapetov, President of SPE International 2018 Darcy Spady, Director of Regional SPE Projects Francis Avril, the head of Moscow SPE chapter Anton Ablaev, Regional activities specialist SPE Yaroslava Orlova and the chief organizer of this year congress Polina Letkova. The congress program continued with the plenary session. The main topic of the session was «Digitalization in Oil and Gas Industry». Specialist of Schlumberger company, vice-director of oil and gas research Russian Science Academy university Nikolay Eremin and the President of SPE International 2018 Darcy Spady represented their reports. After that there was a panel session with Darcy Spady. He told about his professional career and answered on participants’ questions. The main activity of the Congress was the technical sessions. Participants presented their works in 9 different sections: Geosciences; Drilling and completion; Oil and gas field development; Oil and gas chemistry; Health, safety, environment; Petroleum economics and management; Young professionals paper contest; “Smart” technologies for oil and gas industry. Poster session has taken place in the lobby of House of Culture Gubkinec. 8 participants introduced their works there. Also, there were some excursions around Gubkin university. Participants visited offshore drilling simulator, virtual refinery, lithology museum, and hydrocarbon geochemistry laboratory. Thanks to HR-training from Delloite company, students learned how to make a CV better and get ready for the interview. Program of the Congress included two games: economical «Oil rush» and intellectual «PetroOlympic Games». During these games, participants competed in knowledge, logic and teamwork skills. Delegates from 17 universities discussed already established ways of cooperation and suggested some new ideas for the further development of interaction during international and regional round tables. After that, participants took part in Schlumberger company case, which helped them to cooperate and to demonstrate their good teamwork skills. The final event of the Congress was Career Pathways Fair where participants of the Congress could communicate with real specialists who represented them 8 directions of work in oil and gas industry: industrial and environmental safety, geological prospecting, oil and gas transportation, drilling and completion, business analytics, commercial analysis and consulting, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, HR. During the closing ceremony winners of the technical sessions, intellectual and economic games were rewarded by the head of International Relations Office Oleg Isaev, Vice-Dean of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics Faculty, a member of Young Scientists and Specialists Council of JSC «Rosgeo» Ilnar Hasanov, Recruiting and University Relations Manager at Schlumberger Konstantin Mazaev, the head of Moscow SPE Chapter Anton Ablaev and the the Student Programs Coordinator of SPE Moscow Section Vlada Streletskaya. At the end of the closing ceremony, the President of SPE International 2018 Darcy Spady and Regional Director of SPE Russia and the Caspian Ayzhana Zhusupbekova congratulated participants and organizers with successful holding of anniversary congress.

Here is link with photos from the event:


For more information visit Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter!


What do we know about future of the industry?

What do we know about future of the industry?

Is there any chance that the future of the Oil & Gas industry will become more colourful than for the last 4 years? According to Deloitte’s oil, gas and chemicals industry executive survey(1) 2019 will be an unique chance to get back on track with overall confidence in the business. Thanks to digitalization, new buzzword for the industry, business feel safer and more peaceful than in the last few years. Upstream, downstream, almost every area sees possibility to use new methods in daily tasks. Whole transformation looks overwhelming, but it is necessary to survive in the age of energy transition. Operators want to spend less and get more- while at the same time divest acreage, infrastructure, or companies. In short-term companies want to improve operating efficiency. Thanks to collected data and new machine learning methods people are able to look at the data from completely new perspective. This year oil price is volatile mainly due to its dependency on politics. Sanctions on Iran, has increased to price 85$ for Brent in October. What’s interesting right now is that everyone expected oil price to skyrocket following US sanctions on Iran, what happened is totally the opposite. Oil prices have fallen a lot to 65$ for Brent. Nevertheless looking at the oil forecast, Tarfigura puts the oil per barrel at 100$ by the end of the year (3). Let’s see will they be right. We still do not know how the market would react with price this high.

Other report regarding current changes made by Accenture consulting – “The digital oil company: Getting ahead of the energy transition” (4) tells us that current technology change requires new ideas strengthened by proactive planning strategies and committing investment. Outdated thinking is not an option right now. A good digital strategy sometimes will require additional leadership skills, it most likely require talent to be open-minded and flexible in this transition.

These changes show us that we should not look at the industry same as few years ago. It is quite certain that jobs that people lost due to 2014 crisis will never come back. Right now if someone wants to start working in the industry, has to be prepared for different responsibilities and tasks. Let’s hope that the trust “given” to digital transition will not be in vain.



  1. https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/us/Documents/energy-resources/us-er-2018-oil-gas-chemicals-survey.pdf
  2. http://www.oil-price.net/en/articles/saudi-arabia-backwards-despite-high-oil-price.php
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-asia-oil-appec-trafigura/oil-could-rise-to-100-by-2019-as-global-markets-tighten-merchants-warn-idUSKCN1M40CB
  4. https://www.accenture.com/us-en/_acnmedia/PDF-58/Accenture-The-Digital-Oil-Company-Getting-Ahead-Of-The-Energy-Transition.pdf


East meets West 2018

East meets West 2018

From the 10th to the 12th April AGH UST SPE Student Chapter organized ‘East meets West’ International Student Petroleum Congress and Career Expo. Around 200 students and university representatives from numerous parts of the world, as well as E&P companies were gathered in Kraków for the 9th time.

Thanks to SPE International, for the second time in a row the congress could host European Qualifier for SPE Student Paper Contest and Petrobowl. The winner of SPC Undergraduate was Yasir Yousuf Thara from Middle East Technical University for the presentation ‘Development of a Physical Hydrodynamic Hydrocarbon – Trap Model’. In the Postgraduate category the first prize went to Pierre Hacquard representing IFP School for the paper titled ‘New Generation of Uncertainty Analysis in Basin Modelling’. The best from PhD category was Alsu Valiakhmetova from Heriot-Watt University, who gave a speech about ‘Phophonate/Ca/Mg Precipitates for Application in Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatments’. All the winners will participate in the International SPC at the ATCE in Dallas.

Traditionally, in the Poster Session selected students could present the results of their researches and compete in the contest. This year, thanks to Orlen Upstream, Shell and PGNiG the contest was supervised by representatives from the industry. Every contestant presented bright and innovative ideas. Rasoul Foroutan from TU Clausthal was announced the winner, second prize received Stefano Tagliaferri from Technical University of Denmark and third prize went to Evan Jonathan Gowidjaja from TU Clausthal.

Emotions were running high during Petrobowl Contest. It gathered over 20 teams from Europe and Caspian Region. Congratulations to NTNU, Herriot Watt University, Technische Universiteit Delft, TU Clausthal and the winner- University of Stavanger, who will represent the region at the ATCE!

Thanks to delegates from Shell, MIT Forum Enterprise, MOLGROUP and NOV congress participants could hear very interesting debate about ‘Innovative solutions in Oil and Gas industry’. The panelists could share their ideas about current situation and future of our industry.

The congress would not be so successful without partnering companies: Shell, PGNiG, LOTOS, EuRoPol GAZ, MOLGROUP, Orlen Upstream, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Gaz system and City of Cracow. Their support enabled AGH UST SPE Student Chapter to organize the Congress, gave students the opportunity to find out about the chances of employment and take part in the recruitment organized by Schlumberger and Halliburton.

The idea behind the first ‘East meets West’ Congress was to gather people from different parts of the world and it is still the clue of the event. Smiles on participants’ faces were for organizers a true reward for the year of preparations. Next year it is going to be the 10th anniversary of the Congress. AGH UST SPE Student Chapter invite everybody to spend this SPEcial time with them.


Oil & Gas Horizons Х

Oil & Gas Horizons Х

Registration for the X International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” is open


From 12 till 15 November, 2018, at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) the X International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” will be organized by the Gubkin University SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Student Chapter.


The scale of the Congress is growing every year, and the geography of the participants is expanding. This year will be the tenth anniversary for the “Oil and Gas Horizons”. In 2017, the Congress participants became 107 students, undergraduates and postgraduates from 38 universities in 23 countries.


The program of the Congress includes paper contest, intellectual game PetroOlympic Games, motivational training, Technical Case, as well as excursions around the city. The event provides a unique opportunity for students of the world’s leading universities studying in various areas of the oil and gas industry to share their knowledge and experience with each other.

The work of the Congress will be attended by experts from the faculties of the University, as well as from leading oil and gas companies.

Within the framework of the Student Paper Contest, the following sections are provided:

  • Geological Sciences;
  • Drilling and Completion of Wells;
  • Oil and Gas Fields Development;
  • Oil and Gas Chemistry;
  • Health, Safety and Environment;
  • Petroleum Economics and Management;
  • “Smart”Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry.

There are also 3 additional sections:

  • Competition of postgraduate work (PhD);
  • Competition of works of young specialists;
  • Section of poster presentations.

The Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons”, in addition to a lot of experience and bright emotions, give participants a lot of new acquaintances, both with experts of the oil and gas industry and with the same students from all over the world. Winners of the competition of scientific works and intellectual game will be awarded with valuable prizes from sponsors and partners of the Congress.

The official language of the Congress is English.

Do not miss your chance to present scientific work at the largest international youth event of Gubkin University, submitting a thesis before August 20, 2018 on the Congress website: oilandgashorizons.ru

If you have any questions, please contact:

The official e-mail address of the Congress: ogh@gubkin.ru

Eleonora Belova

President of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter

E-mail: eleo.belova@yandex.ru

Tel. 7-916-130-18-87

Polina Lektova

The main organizer of the Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons”

Vice-President of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter

E-mail: letkovap@mail.ru

Tel. 7-915-360-35-48

XI Student Geophysical Workshops GEOSFERA 2018

XI Student Geophysical Workshops GEOSFERA 2018

On 5 – 8 April, in Kiczyce, Silesia, Student Geophysical Society GEOPHONE in cooperation with AAPG
Student Chapter Kraków, EAGE Student Chapter Cracow and SEG Student Chapter Cracow will chair
XI Nationwide Student Geophysical Workshops GEOSFERA 2018.
Geosfera is an annual conference in which students of geophysics from the best Polish universities
meet to accomplish their desire of constant development of their geoscience knowledge. Willing to
fulfill such high goals, Geosfera offers a range of specialized workshops and lectures led by university
professors and professional workers from oil &amp; gas industry. Also a student poster and paper session
will be held to allow the students to easily exchange their own experiences and results of their
During these 4 days students will find out how to properly plan, conduct and intrepret geophysical
surveys. Participants will have a chance to hear out lectures prepared by Imre Szilágyi, an AAPG
Visiting Geoscientist (Interpretation of Petroleum Play Common Risk Segment Maps and Practices of
Exploration Project Economic Evaluations) and PhD Katia Pinheiro from National Observatory, Rio de
Janeiro, Brasil (Geomagnetic Secular Variations).
Thanks to PGNiG GeoTalent’s educational program, two exciting workshops will take place during the
conference. Students will learn how to plan 2D/3D seismic survey and how to interpret seismic data
from Polish Lowland. With the help of AGH University of Science and Technology professors, students
will have a perfect opportunity to see and carry out seismic, geoelectric and GPR surveys to solve
true geological problems.
Registration will start at the end of February.
For more information concerning Geosfera 2018, visit: http://student.agh.edu.pl/~geosfera/ and


Few words about sponsors of AGH University students in ATCE

Few words about sponsors of AGH University students in ATCE

Thanks to courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM, United Oilfield Services and AGH University of Science and Technology, Polish students will be able to participate in the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. We can’t wait to see their relation from the event!

Few words about our sponsors: United Oilfield Services (UOS) is an oilfield service company focused on providing drilling, well stimulation and well testing services to the onshore oil and gas industry. UOS delivers customized, efficient solutions to the highest quality of service to meet customer needs and to empower them to accelerate the development of Europe’s conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources. UOS offers drilling equipment produced in the USA by the world’s largest producer of oil drilling equipment, National Oilwell Varco. In combination with more than 20 years of experience and gained knowledge, company is successful in mining projects both in Poland and in the United States of America.

Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is a strategic company for Poland’s economy and energy security. It’s key task is the transport of gas via the transmission network throughout the country to supply with gas the distribution networks and final customers connected to the transmission system. GAZ-SYSTEM as national monopolist on the gas transmission is generaly responsible for providing gas-market participants with equal access to the transmission network. Company is responsible also for maintaining, repairing and developing transmission facilities – Gaz-System owns and operates all gas transmission and distribution pipelines in Poland, except the Yamal–Europe pipeline. GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. does not deal exclusively with intrastate gas transmission – it owns the company Polskie LNG S.A., set up to build and operate the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Świnoujście. The LNG terminal is diversifying natural-gas supply sources, which translates into improved national energy security. In addition company is the owner and co-operator of the ‘Baltic Pipe’ pipeline between Poland and Denmark.

Latest E&P Technology Innovations with Topics Covering Multistage Fracturing, Data Analytics, and More to Highlight ATCE 2017

Latest E&P Technology Innovations with Topics Covering Multistage Fracturing, Data Analytics, and More to Highlight ATCE 2017

San Antonio, Texas, USA (5 October 2017) — On 9–11 October,  the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) will bring together an array of international exhibitors and technical presentations at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

In its 93rd year, ATCE will feature 400 exhibiting companies from 16 different countries, covering approximately 100,000 square feet of floor space, and showcasing a broad range of technological innovations, new products and valuable industry services.

ATCE received a record number of paper proposals – 2,521 – and will offer close to 400 paper presentations and ePosters, as well as panel sessions. Terry Palisch, the ATCE 2017 Program Chairperson, said whatever members’ discipline is, there will be technical papers to peak their interest.

“Many of us get wrapped up in our day-to-day work and don’t have the chance to think strategically,” he said. “When you attend ATCE, you can immerse yourself in the new technologies presented and then return home better equipped to think outside the box and collaborate with your colleagues.”

Topics expected to draw a lot of interest that provide solutions for today’s challenges include:

  • Multistage horizontal fracturing treatment optimization
  • Water management and conservation
  • Downhole gauges that are tied into a neural network
  • Artificial lift technologies that are driven by the internet-of-things
  • New uses of unmanned autonomous vehicles and drones for operational efficiency
  • Safer helicopter and transport operations
  • Petroleum data driven analytics and decision making

Palisch also noted networking as a key feature of ATCE. “You can join a diverse crowd of engineers, scientists, management and policymakers to access the latest technologies and innovations as well as network with your colleagues,” he said.

In addition, ATCE will again host pre- and post-conference training courses covering a wide range of industry topics. The annual ATCE Annual Reception and Banquet on Tuesday, 10 October will recognize outstanding SPE members who have made significant contributions to the industry, and the President’s Luncheon and Annual
Meeting of Members on Wednesday, 11 October will highlight new Society achievements and upcoming initiatives.

“Whether you’re interested in the latest technology in drilling, drones, hurricane recovery or anything else E&P-related, this year’s show has something for everyone, from industry heavy weights to early career professionals and even students,” said ATCE 2017 General Chairperson Vicki Hollub. “ATCE is dedicated to providing SPE members practical and insightful solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges and trends, and I am confident that our diverse program of global exhibitors and presenters will do just that.”

For more information on ATCE 2017, visit www.spe.org/atce.

SPE’s 2017 International Awards Honorees Recognized at ATCE

SPE’s 2017 International Awards Honorees Recognized at ATCE

San Antonio, Texas, USA (28 September 2017) — The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Reception and Banquet will recognize those who have made significant technical and professional contributions to the industry, and those who have contributed exceptional service and leadership to the society. The banquet will take place during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) on Tuesday, 10 October from 1830–2200 hours at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

“During the toughest of times, our SPE members prove themselves as innovative thinkers, showing remarkable reserve and resilience,” said 2017 SPE President Janeen Judah. “Their work not only helped our industry out of the downturn, but also created a new wave of operational efficiency. They deserve the utmost appreciation and praise. Day in and day out, our members continue to inspire and propel our industry forward. It’s an honor to recognize their successes and contributions within SPE and the industry.”

This year’s program will recognize the following members:

Distinguished Membership

  • Sidqi Abu-khamsin
  • Nabeel Al-afaleg
  • Matthew Balhoff
  • Jose Bashbush
  • John de Wardt
  • Effiom Edet
  • Steve Flew
  • Barrett Hanson
  • Mehdi Matt Honarpour
  • Hui-hai Liu
  • Rustom Mody
  • Nobuo Morita
  • Quoc Nguyen
  • Okurerie Ogedegbe
  • Sara Ortwein
  • Donald Paul
  • Teri Reed
  • Sidhartha Sur
  • Ruud Weijermars
  • Murtaza Ziauddin

Honorary Membership

  • Akhil Datta-Gupta
  • Anil Kumar
  • Robert Moore
  • Alexander Neyin
  • Dean Oliver
  • Sidney S. Smith, Sr.
  • Dongxiao Zhang

In addition, the event will acknowledge the following 2017 SPE award recipients:

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Amin Nasser

John Franklin Carll Award

  • Mukul Sharma

Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal

  • Karen Schou Pedersen

Lester C. Uren Award

  • Quoc Nguyen

DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal

  • Sameh Macary

Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal

  • Nasir Al-Naimi

Robert Earl McConnell Award

  • Charles Williams

Public Service Award

  • Saka Matemilola

Distinguished Service Award

  • Colin A Black
  • Maria Capello
  • Frederic Jean-Bernard Guinot
  • Anuj Gupta

Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty

  • Ramona Graves

Young Member Outstanding Service Award

  • Mohamed
  • Abd Elrahman
  • Ali Alkhatib
  • Alexey Borisenko
  • Pringle Egbe
  • Augustina Ovuema
  • Babatunde Yusuf

Cedric K. Ferguson Medal

  • Lu Chi
  • Zoya Heidari

Completions Optimization and Technology Award

  • D. V. Satya Gupta

Drilling Engineering Award

  • Eric van Oort

Formation Evaluation Award

  • Mark Proett

Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility Award

  • J. Jack Hinton

Management and Information Award

  • Reidar Bratvold

Production and Operations Award

  • Kenneth Sorbie

Projects, Facilities, and Construction Award

  • Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux

Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award

  • Tayfun Babadagli

For more information on ATCE 2017, visit www.spe.org/atce.

Join Oil & Gas Horizons IX !

Join Oil & Gas Horizons IX !

Submission of abstracts for the IX International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” is open.

From 28th till 30th of November, 2017, the IX International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” will be held at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. The congress is organized by Gubkin University SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Student Chapter.

 Annually participants of the Congress are students, postgraduates and young specialists from all over the world. In 2016 the Congress gathered 150 participants from 37 universities of 18 countries.

The program of the Congress includes scientific paper contest, intellectual competition “PetroOlympic Games”, motivation training, career pathway fair, as well as excursions to petroleum companies and sightseeing tours in the city. The event gives students from world leading universities, majoring in different spheres of petroleum industry, a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with each other.

The expert commission of the Congress will consist of professors of the university and representatives of the largest oil and gas companies.

The student paper contest will include the following sessions:

  • Geosciences;
  • Drilling and Completion;
  • Oil and Gas Field Development;
  • Oil and Gas Chemistry;
  • Health, Safety, Environment;
  • Petroleum Economics and Management;
  • Alternative Energy Sources;
  • Offshore and Arctic Petroleum Engineering.

There are also 3 additional sessions:

  • PhD Paper Contest;
  • Young Professionals Paper Contest;
  • Poster Session.

Apart from getting great experience and vivid emotions, participants of the Congress “Oil and Gas Horizons” will have a chance to network with the experts of petroleum industry and also with students from all over the world. The winners will receive valuable prizes from the sponsors and partners of the Congress and additional benefits for admission to the Master programs at Gubkin University.
Don`t miss a chance to present your scientific research on the largest international youth event of the university. Submit your abstract until 1st of September at the site of the Congress: oilandgashorizons.ru.

If you have questions you can contact :

Official e-mail of the Congress: ogh@gubkin.ru

Eleonora Belova

President of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter

E-mail: eleo.belova@yandex.ru

Tel. +7-916-130-18-87

Danil Remezov

Chief organizer of the Congress «Oil and Gas Horizons»
Head of Public Relations Committee of Gubkin University SPE Student Chapter

E-mail: danil.remezov@mail.ru

Tel. +7-910-140-66-46



International Oil and Gas Majoring Students Forum “New Generation: Across the Universe”

International Oil and Gas Majoring Students Forum “New Generation: Across the Universe”

From 11th till 17th of September, 2017 the 2nd International Oil and Gas Majoring Students Forum “New Generation: Across the Universe” will be held at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University).

The goal of the Forum is to gather the most outstanding students of different oil and gas majors from the world’s best universities to give them a unique opportunity to share their ideas and experience and to solve the problems of world student society as well as to determine the future tendencies of the scientific and technical development of the global oil and gas industry.
For the 2nd year the Forum is supported by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), World petroleum Council (WPC) and International Gas Union (IGU).
Last year the rector of Gubkin University Victor Martynov, deputy minister of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation Veniamin Kaganov, president and chairperson of the Board Directors of PetroSA company Nosizwe Nokwe-Macamo, president of Schlumberger company Gokhan Saygi, vice-president of Weatherford Russia company Fayaz Kamalov took part in the Opening Ceremony of the Forum. The vice-president of the World Petroleum Council Anatoly Zolotukhin was the moderator of the Forum.
“Gubkin University is unique in our country and in the entire world just as unique as the petroleum industry. This event has a great value for making contacts and further collaboration. Hopefully, we will manage to solve the current problems of the oil and gas industry, as well as get acquainted with Moscow and culture of Russia. Surely, after this event you will wish to learn more, visit cities and countrysides of our great and immense Country,” – deputy minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation Veniamin Kaganov said. In 2016, the Forum was attended by 117 students from 52 countries and 40 universities from all over the world. Through six days delegates took part in different activities: solving a business case from Schlumberger, attending plenary sessions, conducting dialogue with oil and gas companies and government representatives in a press conference “Development of the youth BRICS tendency in the oil and gas industry”, visiting “Career Pathways Fair”. A fruitful cultural program followed: visiting the Moscow Kremlin Museums, ice skating class, the festival “Cuisines of Russia” and “Miss University 2016” Annual Competition. One of the significant events became the trip to Gubkin University “Zaluchie” camp, where guests saw real Russian winter, got acquainted with nature of a protected forest, had fun and made friends.

This year the Organizing Committee promises to increase the level and scope of the event, so don’t miss this opportunity – the registration is already open on http://across.gubkin.ru/

Also, the Organizing Committee will be glad to consider proposals on cooperation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact: universe.gubkin@gmail.com