XI Student Geophysical Workshops GEOSFERA 2018


On 5 – 8 April, in Kiczyce, Silesia, Student Geophysical Society GEOPHONE in cooperation with AAPG
Student Chapter Kraków, EAGE Student Chapter Cracow and SEG Student Chapter Cracow will chair
XI Nationwide Student Geophysical Workshops GEOSFERA 2018.
Geosfera is an annual conference in which students of geophysics from the best Polish universities
meet to accomplish their desire of constant development of their geoscience knowledge. Willing to
fulfill such high goals, Geosfera offers a range of specialized workshops and lectures led by university
professors and professional workers from oil & gas industry. Also a student poster and paper session
will be held to allow the students to easily exchange their own experiences and results of their
During these 4 days students will find out how to properly plan, conduct and intrepret geophysical
surveys. Participants will have a chance to hear out lectures prepared by Imre Szilágyi, an AAPG
Visiting Geoscientist (Interpretation of Petroleum Play Common Risk Segment Maps and Practices of
Exploration Project Economic Evaluations) and PhD Katia Pinheiro from National Observatory, Rio de
Janeiro, Brasil (Geomagnetic Secular Variations).
Thanks to PGNiG GeoTalent’s educational program, two exciting workshops will take place during the
conference. Students will learn how to plan 2D/3D seismic survey and how to interpret seismic data
from Polish Lowland. With the help of AGH University of Science and Technology professors, students
will have a perfect opportunity to see and carry out seismic, geoelectric and GPR surveys to solve
true geological problems.
Registration will start at the end of February.
For more information concerning Geosfera 2018, visit: http://student.agh.edu.pl/~geosfera/ and


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