New technology for geothermal wells by Baker Hughes


Even though oil and gas wells are the majority of all the wells drilled around the world, we all know that drilling also applies for water wells, geoengineering  and geothermal energy. This sustainable source of energy is growing in its popularity although it requires highly advanced technologies. Geothermal energy utilizes the heat from the Earth to generate electricity and to provide heating for various structures. The energy can either be used directly, in the form of geothermal wells which connect to sources of water and steam heated by the Earth, or indirectly, in the case of systems which pump water through hot regions under the Earth’s crust.

Lubricants, drilling fluid and all of the equipment needs to be resistant to extremly high temperatures and demanding conditions. In order to overcome these challenges Baker Hughes, which has worked on almost all the geothermal wells ever developed, developed and successfully demonstrated an advanced drilling system designed for these critical conditions.

Using full metal drill bit to break the formation, and a full metal drilling motor known in the Industry as a “metal-to-metal motor” achieved a directional deep well. This innovative system, thanks to it remarkable advancement and reliability can have a far-reaching impact and successful future achead. Not only does this technology opens more geothermal resource areas for development, other subsurface sectors such as fossil and nuclear energy are ready to embrace this recent development. These sectors can leverage the work funded by the geothermal energy sector for their own gains.

It is not yet possible to estimate economic potential of this techonology but expanding Enhanced Geothermal Systems alone could eventually lead to more than 100 gigawatts of economically viable electric generating capacity in the continental United States—enough to power more than 100 million homes.

Thanks to such a investments of companies in developing new technologies and research, we can create path toward improved energy security and a stronger economy.



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