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This year another contentwise valuable event took place. It was organized by young, developing and determined people to bring together world-class specialists in geology and geophysics, who are really keen to share their knowledge with students from all around the world. From 11-14 of July 2016 they were attending 7th International Geosciences Student Conference in Katowice.

During the conference participants might join in lectures and workshops conducted by world-famous scientists and industry specialists. For young students it was a great opportunity to gain one of the most valuable experiences during their academic years. The accompanied trips (Szczawnica field trip, Jurassic field trip and coal mine sightseeing) was also a nice accent and valuable in geological sense experience.

This year’s IGSC motto was “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate”. Themes was various, which confirms the wide spectrum of presented abstracts: geology, geophysics, oil&gas, polar and environmental studies.


Awarded papers in oral presentations:

  • Geology- Damian Ostrelic, Duje Smircic- Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of the Middle Triassic Volcaniclastic Deposits from Lika, (External Dinarides, Croatia)
  • Geophysics I – Marcin Duda, Simen Hall, Elvis Bossman, Jude Egbue, Muritala Busari, Lara Blazevic – Localice – Integrated GPS and Hydroacoustic Iceberg Tracking
  • Geophysics II – S. Marzi, G. Bernasconi, A. H. Mansi, E. Farshchiansadegh, B. Taleghani – Towards Marine Controlled Source EM (M-CSEM) Data Inversion: Sensitivity Analysis
  • Oil&Gas – Rashad Gulmammadov, Stephen Covey-Crump, Mads Huuse – Seismic Geomechanics of Mud Volcanoes from the South Caspian Basin – Implications on Drilling

Poster presentations:

  • Geology – Nabelek Ladislav, Mazanec Martin, Kdyr Simon, Kletetschka Gunther – Magneticmineral Characterization of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Thin Section
  • Geophysics – Caputa Alicja – Analysis of Post-blasting Source Mechanisms and Seismic Spectra of Tremors in Rudna Copper Mine, Poland
  • Oil&Gas – Jaewook Lee, Joongmoo Byun, Bona Kim, Soyoung Kim, Dong Geun Yoo – Sweet Spot Identification for Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in Borehole Free Field
  • Polar and environmental studies – Hafiz Mohammed Nazifi, Levent Gulen – Groundwater Investigations in the Granite Formation of Ghana Using Integrated Geophysical Methods


It was a pleasure to partake in such event. Getting experience, sharing your knowledge and knowing new people is always a good idea. Here you can find the conference proceedings: (there are full versions of presented abstracts). See you next time at International Geosciences Student Conference!


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