Disrupting ISIS oil network after attacks


After the Paris attacks last November, today dozens of innocent people have lost their lives in Brussels; more than 200 are wounded. The city is in pain and mourning and the mass media keep on informing about disrupting ISIS oil network.

The U.S. military is urged to find ways to disrupt the oil production that helps fund the insurgent group ISIS. “In an age where energy is a precious commodity, their energy production not only funds crimes against humanity, but it also forms the means by which would-be ‘states’ like ISIS survive,” Olson (U.S. Rep.) said in a statement. “We must take every measure to cut off ISIS funding at the source.”

In December, the Los Angeles Times reported ISIS now controls approximately two-thirds of oil production in Syria, which analysts estimated at around 35,000 barrels a day. At current market prices, ISIS’s share of that oil is worth more than $900,000 a day.

Well, it’s all great. However, wouldn’t be much more essential to close european borders to refugees or simply and more effectively change immigration policy in order to avoid such situations? Unfortunately, we’re overwhelmed with political correctness and european politicians are willing to accept the immigrants culturally enriching society.




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