First marine LNG fueling terminal in North America opened

15. February, 2016 News No comments

Some time ago we wrote about LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie, Poland (see). Today we come along with theme related news. First marine liquefied natural gas fueling terminal in North America is now opened. The operator of this undertaking is Harvey Gulf International Marine, New Orleans. They inaugurated the LNG terminal at its operating base in Port Fourchon, Louisiana.

The bunkering included the transfer of 43,000 gallons of LNG in about 2.25 hours, the company said. The terminal is able to deliver LNG at a pumping rate of 550 gmp, total on-site storage is approximately 270 000 gals., contained in three 90 000 gals. USG type “C” vacuum insulated tanks. According to Shane Guidry, Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf, it should help with promoting the use of LNG as a clean, abundant, and cost-effective alternative marine fuel. Also it provides a LNG bunkering point at the epicenter of marine operations for the Gulf of Mexico, which is vital to continuing the shift to LNG as a marine fuel. Chad Verret, executive vice president in charge of Harvey Gulf’s Alaska and LNG operations, says easier maintenance, longer intervals between overhauls, and cleaner engines and boats were all part of the company’s decision to commit to building an LNG-fueled fleet – along with the promise of long-term lower fuel costs with gas.

Will be LNG only or predominant marine fuel someday? Time will tell whether yes or no. But opening first marine liquefied natural gas fueling terminal in North America was definitely worth to mention.


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