Facing the truth


It has been almost a year and a half since oil price dropped below 100$/bbl level. This trend continues badly and consequently gas price is low. Huge oil companies lay off thousands of employees and recent graduates cannot believe such a situation. In the internet more and more questions were asked and so did answers come into sight. Some of them present pragmatic point of view and some are completly useless and not really accordant with potential engineer ethics.

The truth is that as graduates we look for the quickest way to make money. Just think about it, we pay a lot of money for our studies, work hard, invest our time and effort in it and sacriface our youth for better life. Many of those who decided to study Petroleum Engineering or similiar major in the USA, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom probably will end up with a loan so there is no possibilty of rejecting the path we have chosen. Even if currently there is no way to find a job in oil and gas industry we should definately find something else that would be a good background for our future job. In the meantime it is essential to provide ourselves with a good education on our own. What do I mean by that? With BSc degree you will be able to face basic challenges in your first job so do not consider doing Masters, PhDs or worst of all Postgraduate studies. It will be worthless unless you have got some work experience. If price do not rise you will end up with huge loan and just a theoretical knowledge. Forget about volunteering as well. During studies you had time to do some summer internships or apprenticeships. I bet big companies even offered competitive salaries in order to attract and train young talents. In worse case you could work for free but still in oil and gas industry to gain essential knowledge and experience but now volunteering within industry not related with oil and gas is pointless.

If not working in other postions try to get and invest your capital and run your own business. What is important is that you will find out how to manage and develop it. Surely being entreprenuer is not easy but this could be really challenging and demanding with a positive effect on your future. You can always treat the current problem as a challenge. Besides, there are always different raw materials that are worth extracting. People drill not only to extract oil or gas, there is demand for plenty of geothermal water, coal and many chemical elements. We need to understand that the world seeks for automation of extraction process to cut costs to the minimum level. There is no point in engaging people if machines can do the same work for us. Still, this is a chance for engineers to work on these problems and try to figure out how to both maximize production and minimaze costs.

And to sum up, you do not have to take under consideration cliché like „build your network”. Obviously, it is a really important part of becoming successful but one should do it constantly, not just when oil price is low and everyone is looking for the last resort. The world is cruel and potential engineers are not supposed to act like lost kids or creatures controlled by others. Show everyone else that you are able to survive and live well even before oil price bounces back.

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