Shale World Europe conference


   On 17­th-18th of November 2015 in Warsaw, 6th annual Shale World Europe conference took place. Presentations contained valuable topics such as differences in type of shale gas resources in various parts of world. Chinese, UK and European (especially Polish shales) were mentioned. The considerations were about: how could it be exploited, what is the approach of the community, what are geological terms, process of getting licenses etc. Moreover, several companies presented their business profile and actual position in shale gas industry. Speakers presented their material and confronted with the questions from the audience during this two-day event.

   Regarding content of the conference, several topics were raised. First, taxation scheme is preventing potential activity not only in Poland but in Hungary too. Governments need to be more realistic and lower the fees. As for Ukrainian shale, western and eastern areas of country are perspective for unconventional gas production. It’s similar to Polish but the approach is different. Technology, policy, military and environmental issues are involved too, that shows how many factors are hindering the potential exploitation. Secondly, it’s worth to emphasize that large companies such as Chevron, abandoned Ukraine and Poland. The reasons could be demand of large capital investments and discouraging taxation. On the other hand, it was claimed that European conventional sources are running out and it’s the best time for research programs. Also, natural gas should be in coexistence with renewables because there is no future without any hydrocarbons. The last thing to deal is social license – companies needs to engage local communities and then maintain that engagement.


   Summing up, how can we solve the problems? No matter which part of world we choose, technology needs to be localized and companies needs to be prepared to involve themselves in a long-term relationship as it comes to invest and exploit shales. At Shale Gas World 2015, a group of professionals and people linked with industry created a summative point at the end of the year as for current shale situation. This topic is of course much more elaborate, we recommend to stay tuned for more detailed report from conference in upcoming YoungPetro issue.

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