Annual Meeting of European Gosciences Students Network


When: 3-9 August 2015

Where: Zalesie, near Stryszów, Poland

Pre-registration: 30th April 2015





What is EUGEN?

EUGEN is the abbreviation for the ‘EUropean GEosciences students Network’. The main goal of the EUGEN association is to organize annual meetings in Europe for geoscience students from all over the world.

Eugen 2015 will take place in wonderful place called Lesser Poland. It is a region which is mostly built of  flysch- so you will be in the very heart of Outer Carpathian Mountains.

What do we do at an EUGEN-meeting?

The EUGEN meeting takes place in the first week of August and last a whole week. The program usually contains three days of geological fieldtrips, organized by the local hosts (students of geology) in league with their university professors and/or national geological survey.


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