Engineering Job Fair by BEST AGH in Cracow


When: 25-26 March 2015

Where: TS Wisla Hall, 22 Reymonta Street 


We would like to invite you for a participation in Engineering Job Fair (Inżynierskie Targi Pracy) in Cracow.


Engineering Job Fair is the main project organised by the BEST AGH Kraków Students Associacion (Board of European Students of Technology).
The biggest advantage of the Engineering Job Fair is the possibility of meeting representats of various lines of business all in one place at one time. It is a chance to acquaint students and graduates of Cracovian Univeristies with a wide range of job offers, internships and training periods that are provided by the labour market. The Engineering Job Fair is a perfect opportunity to get to know what the employers do expect from their employees, what ways of development are generated by a specific company and also what additional qualifications are recommended to be gained in order to become a better employee.
The information you can get directly from the employers can facilitate future employees making a decision regarding their own career path. During the Engineering Job Fair a candidate is given a chance of asking questions of his concern and presenting himself to the potencial employer.
The Engineering Job Fair is a way of increasing self-awarness among young people concerning their future and both their strenghts and fields of interest. As for many it is the first serious contact with an employer, the Engineering Job Fair seems to be the initial step towards a career.”


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