13th, Autumn Issue of YoungPetro

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With last whiffs of autumn we are honoured to present the newest, 13th issue of YoungPetro!

You can find the issue here:


The ruling topic of the issue is CAREER. We are sure it will be interesting for all students and young professionals who just graduated and are looking for job opportunities in the petroleum industry.

What exactly can you find in the issue?

  •  Interesting articles about career and students’ preparations to beginning of professional career

Maciej Wawrzkowicz and Patryk Szarek in their article “Two Worlds – One Industry. From Student to Professional” correlated the ideas and the reality. They talked to young professionals to know how they imagined their future job during studies and how it really looks like now. You can find the results in the article.

Barbara Pach and Aneta Maruszak together with their friend, Piotr Chojnowski, present summer internships. You can get to know what you can expect and what you can learn taking part in such an internship.

  • A big portion of scientific knowledge

Traditionally, YoungPetro presents very interesting student research articles:

“Combined Drill Bit with Selected Variable Step” by Vasyl Movchan
“Smart Way of Mitigation Drilling Problems. Review of UBD vs. MPD” by Mian Tauseef Raza
“Effect of Mobility of Oil in the Performance of Process Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage” by Astrid Xiomara Rodriguez

  • Information about the most important events of the petroleum world

Joanna Wilaszek presents report from 21st World Petroleum Congress – one of the biggest conferences of the industry, which took place in June in Moscow.

  • Information about the most important current affairs

Radek Budzowski gathers the most important news from our wesite in On Stream column.

  • Interesting technical facts

Maciej Wawrzkowicz presents a new interesting topic in How it works? column, this time it is about offshore oil rigs.

Enjoy the reading and send us your feedback!

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