Academic Competition of Negotiation about Oil & Gas


When:June 6-7 – qualifications, June 13 – final , 2014

Where: AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland

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Negotiation skills are very important in our lives. In school , at work, while we discussing project or tricking someone into their case. Also in recruitment process we can observe that negotiation skills are very good to know the candidate, check his knowledge , ability to work in a team and the ability to think analytically.

Scientific Circle KIWON and ambassadors of GEOTALENT would like to organize STUDENT NEGOTATION ROUND “Nafta, Gaz Wita Was” associated with the petroleum industry and gas company – the first such event in Krakow!

The competition consist of two stages: qualification ( two days) and final (one day ). Top teams would have to deal with a scenario in English. Before competition we want to carry out a free training and workshops with experts in the field of negotiation and public speaking: dr. Andrzej Sikora and dr. Krzysztof Sarnecki (in collaboration with AKADOS ). Topics negotiating are associated with concessions, construction of gas pipelines, international relations Russia – EU and local population.

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