11th, Spring issue of YoungPetro


We are very proud to announce that 11th, Spring issue of YoungPetro is now available!
What you can find in this issue?

…something special
This year we had celebrated 5th anniversary of “East meets West” Congress. On this occasion YoungPetro includes a special supplement with some information about the event and two really interesting articles about ideas, passion and friendship, which led to the success of the Congress.

…something about science
This issue includes 4 interesting scientific articles:
“Europe’s largest oil producer”
“Mexican Reforma Energetica of 2013 – background, content and meaning of Mexico and global oil markets”
“Hydrocarbon exploration in the Himalayan Region. A tough challenge with a high reward”
“Curbing oil spill as a tool to enhance sustainable development in Nigeria”

…something for those, who missed the most important petroleum events
You can read reports from two conferences: Shale Gas World Europe (which took place in October in Warsaw) and from International Petroleum Conference, which was held in Doha in January.

…something for people who just want to know more
Spring issue includes two great interviews: the first one with Chris Faulkner – the founder and president of Breitling Energy Corporation and the second one with Jan Chadam – president of the management board of Gaz-System S.A. Company

What more we can say? Enjoy the reading!

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Joanna Wilaszek

Editor-in-chief of YoungPetro, for almost three years engaged in work of the editorial board. Member of the board of AGH UST SPE Student Chapter and a fourth-year student of Mining and Geology on Drilling, Oil and Gas Faculty at AGH University. Her hobbies are: travelling, dance and skiing.

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