End of the battle: Chevron won in U.S. Court


American lawyer used corrupt means to doom Chevron in Ecuador for billions in damages – that’s the decision of judge in New York. It’s a big success of second-largest U.S. oil company.

The U.S. District Court in New York published the nearly 500-page justification of the verdict after the process ended in November. Document finds that the lawyer Donziger bribed Ecuadorian judge, who issued a judgment awarding $ 19 billion damages for group of villagers in 2011. In the lawsuit, they claimed that Texaco, later acquired by Chevron, contaminated the environment exploiting an oil field in the north-eastern Ecuador in the years 1964-1992.

The court ruled that Donziger and his team “wrote the [Ecuadorian] court’s Judgment themselves and promised $ 500,000 to the Ecuadorian judge to rule in their favor and sign their judgment.”

The verdict of the court ends a long battle in the U.S. courts between Chevron and Donziger, who considered himself a victim of the corruption. Judge Kaplan found, that there was a lot of evidence against Donziger.

Hewitt Pate, Chevron vice president and general counsel said: “Decision is unequivocal: The Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron is a fraud and is the result of criminal acts by a handful of corrupt lawyers looking to enrich themselves. Chevron’s reputation was taken hostage and held for a multibillion-dollar ransom. Rather than give in and pay these criminals off, Chevron exposed the truth. Chevron is pleased with today’s judgment. We are confident that any court that respects the rule of law will likewise find the Ecuadorian judgment to be illegitimate and unenforceable.”

The judge declared that Donziger agreed to lead the case in order to improve the environmental conditions in Ecuador and wanting to provide funds for maintenance, but ultimately lost the process by presenting false evidence, bribing a judge and hiding his misdeeds.

Sources: www.chevron.com, www.bloomberg.com

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