Is Gender Diversity an Issue in Oil Industry…???


In continuation to the previous article where I have talked about the barriers faced by women in the Industry, how they can thrash their opponents, and what preferences do men and women give to choose best career for them. Now I will confer some facts and figures in respect of pay gap and will discuss the role of some of the leading companies for women contribution in the Industry.

In respect of pay

36% of respondents say male oil and gas professionals are more highly paid than female oil and gas professionals and 44% of oil and gas professionals noted they believe pay is comparable between the genders.


Respondents in the U.S. were not only more positive about the career prospects for women in the oil and gas industry, but improvement is also seen in recent years.

Gender 2

“I attribute this to the theory of dominant discourse which says that men are better than women. But I have no doubt about my own potential as a women and that’s why I appoint more women than men,” said NERSA CEO Phindile Nzimande.

Hence the industry needs to bring a different approach in leadership and take into account that women serve in various roles within society-they are mothers, wives as well as professionals.

The platforms and opportunities are there for women in the oil and gas industry, but they are not satisfactory. All we need is to exchange a few words about the industry, and more people need to start taking gain of country’s renewable energy, the skills opportunities, and the business that this industry is bringing, rather than letting huge multinational companies come in and take advantage.

Role of Companies

Many multinationals now have good employment practices in place e.g;

Schlumberger, a leading oilfield service, takes pride in saying that it has a much better sex ratio than anyone else in this field.

Shell outlined that by providing equal opportunities and appreciating the diversity of ethnicity, age and gender, a working culture where differences are valued will be will created.

Women, who represented nearly 32 percent of BP’s hires last year, are playing an increasingly vital role in the effort.

A message to young female professionals

“Get yourself up the ladder with your high heels on”

Getting an engineering degree is not enough, the qualification only gets you into the organization, but the rest of your journey in the company lies entirely with you. Once you are inside the organization, different set of rules apply. You need to develop the right attitude and work very hard.

How can we remove the Gender Imbalance?

When a educated female professional is sidelined in favor of a less qualified man, it is obvious that equality and justice are not fully served. We must realize that there is power in the masses, and seizing this power requires cooperation and shared objectives.


It is about time and interest we all start building and supporting professional networks that eradicate the male vs. female polarization in the industry. The PR industry is known for promoting sustainable development and environmental values, and this list should really include gender equality as well. All the actors in the industry should roll up their sleeves and start working together across gender barriers. The energy professionals should step forward to ensure it is attractive to women and analyze that still a lot of work has to be done in terms of a gender balanced pool of talent.



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