YoungPetro Winter Issue is out!

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What’s in Winter Issue of YoungPetro?

On Stream:

  • Latest News from Petroleum World
  • Invitation for East meets West International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo in Cracow
  • Upcoming Events


Career: It’s time for interviews!

  • Ask Me Anything – Expert Responds – popular social the discussion with Piotr Kasza, Ph. D – expert of the Institute Oil and Gas (by Michal Turek)
  • In the World of Geophysicists – interview with Michael Thornton, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer of MicroSeismic Inc. (by Gordon Wasilewski)
  • About the Industry and Students – interview with Gregory Jackson – Consultant Unconventionals Continental Europe at Weatherford (by Barbara Pach, Gordon Wasilewski)


Technical papers – this time by students from Pakistan and Poland:

  • Rotary Steerable System and its Applications and Advantages in Precise Drilling of Deep Deviated Wells (by Muhammad Tauqeer)
  • Impact of Process Variables on the Re-refining of the Used Lube Oil by Solvent Extraction (by Muhammad Naveed, Sohail Ahmed Soomro Ph.D., Shaheen Aziz Ph.D., Rashid Hussain Abro, Adeel Mukhtar)
  • Geophysical Properties of Methane Hydrate Bearing Sediments Considering Economic-scale Production of Natural Gas (by Dominik Skokowski)


Take a seat and just enjoy reading!

  • The Story of Lake Peigneur – How to Drill into a Mine (by Jan Wypijewski)
  • How it Works – the series of articles introducing basics of petroleum industry (by Maciej Wawrzkowicz)
  • History of SPE-UTM (by Lim Teck Shern, Abang Mohd Faiz, Hii Sing Keat)


Memories from events that passed!

  • Gold American Dream – ATCE 2013 (by Joanna Wilaszek)
  • Young Professionals at the Heart of an Energy Revolution – few words about World Petroleum Council Youth Forum in Canada (by Allyson Simpson)
  • From Russia with Love – relation from Oil &Gas Horizons Conference in Moscow (by Iwona Dereń)

Enjoy reading! 

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