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European Student Energy Summit 2014

European Student Energy Summit 2014

When: 19th – 20th June 2014

Where: University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, the UK

Website: http://www.studentenergy.org/

Facebook: facebook.com/StudentEnergyEurope

The European Student Energy Summit is one of five regional summits taking place simultaneously on the 19th and 20th of June 2014. The summit will be hosted in Aberdeen, which is known as the energy capital of Europe and thus a natural choice to host the first student regional energy summit. The conference will utilise the platform used by Student Energy, a Canadian NGO, in its tremendously successful International Student Energy Summits (ISES). Student Energy is a global not-for-profit dedicated to creating the next generation of energy leaders through education and empowerment. The combination of a rich academic heritage, a glorious medieval campus and strong ties with the European energy sector, make the University of Aberdeen an ideal host. The conference will bring together a delegate base on 300 European multidisciplinary post-secondary students. The event will focus on sustainable energy resource management and the role that students will play in the future of energy development. Specifically the program focuses on the following three main pillars: Markets and Regulations, Global Energy Dynamics and Technology and Innovation.

Exploring new technologies: Statoil – NASA Partnership

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Exploring new technologies: Statoil – NASA Partnership

Statoil and the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) have formed a partnership to explore how technologies and knowledge from the space and oil and gas industries can be relevant to one another.

The research will be conducted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Statoil and NASA have formed an agreement to support Statoil in the search for oil and gas exploration and production efforts to be competitive. Statoil has stressed that it is investing in its research and development capabilities.

Lars Høier, Statoil acting senior vice president of research, development and innovation: “Searching for oil and gas resources has become so advanced technically over the past decade that new solutions and ideas are needed. To Statoil this is a significant opportunity to take technologies developed by NASA and JPL for the harsh and challenging environments of space and apply them to the equally demanding environments of oil and gas production”.

The collaboration can benefit both: the aerospace and energy industries and will be focus on materials, robotic technology, communication optionality etc.

The contract between Statoil and NASA runs from now to 2018.

Read more about this: statoil.com

Photos from: securityaffair.co, stuffpoint.com

An Overview of ATC 2013

2 December, 2013 News 3 comments
An Overview of ATC 2013

So far I have published technical articles; but today I decided to write something different and interesting. Then I wondered how can I make it spellbound and captivated and came up with an inspiration why not share my personal experience of Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2013, held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad-Pakistan. This article is bit lengthy but I hope you will like it.


For those who are new with ATC, Annual Technical Conference has been an annual event for decades. It is a podium for oil industry professionals to meet and discuss the issues of mutual interests. This event hosted over 900 delegates from inland and abroad.

ATC 2013 was jointly organized by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE-Pakistan Chapter) & Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geo-scientists (PAPG) at Islamabad on 26-27 November.

SPE is a Global Organization whose main objective is to disseminate knowledge and sharing of working experiences amongst the professionals of the Petroleum Industry across the world, thus resulting in optimum exploitation of oil and gas; a fundamental source for this world.

PAPG is one of the 100 Geosciences Associations affiliated with the world’s largest professional Geological society, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) with over 30,000 members in 116 countries. It provides geoscientists a platform to exchange and develop knowledge & skills.


Subject matter of the conference was “Energy Revolution through Hydrocarbon Resources”; the word ‘revolution’ in the theme symbolized the need for a step-change to triumph over the energy scarcity faced by the nation.  It reflects the industry’s eagerness for the search of hydrocarbons through enhanced exploration and production activities in the country.

Pre-Conference Courses

On 25th November, we went for our registration and also attended a pre-course titled “Enhanced Oil Recovery/ Improved Oil Recovery of Mature/ Depleted fields” by Mr. Haq Minhas (Sponsored by Baker Hughes).

The other course was under the title “How to Avoid Work Over- An Innovative Way to Bring Life to Old/ Dead Wells” by Mr. Koos Reinders (Sponsored by Weatherford). Unfortunately we couldn’t attend that session.

Paper Contest

Two student paper contests apart from professionals’ paper group were also held in the categories of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences. ATC hosted 50 presentations including student paper contest, keynote speaker as well as panel discussion.

More than 100 student papers were received from UET Lahore, MUET Sindh, Khairpur College Sindh, NED Karachi and BUITEMS Balochistan, among which 12 papers were short-listed for oral presentation in the category of Petroleum Engineers (PE) Student Paper Contest and 10 in the category of Geology & Geophysicist (G&G) Student Paper Contest.

Technical Session

Technical papers presented for the conference highlighted the application of new and advanced technology in exploitation of indigenous resources of oil, gas and coal. Moreover special attention was given to aggressively evaluate the unconventional resources like coal, tight & shale gas and has to define strategy for the development of these reservoirs with the consideration of HSEQ (Health Safety Environment & Quality).

Panel Discussion

A board discussion attended by the managing directors of OGDCL, PPL, Mari Petroleum, MOL Pakistan, KUFPEC Pakistan, Weatherford Pakistan and Schlumberger was also held which was chaired by Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources Jam Kamal Khan.

Closing Ceremony

Addressing the closing ceremony of ATC, Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination Riaz Hussain Pirzada said, “The search for new energy resources on war footings was required.”

Current energy crisis requires search for new energy resources on war footing while soaring global energy prices have put an unprecedented pressure on many countries and are threatening to weaken gains to economy made due to growth rates.

The minister appreciated and lauded the SPE and PAPG to invite students from all over Pakistan to participate in the conference. He said this will promote inter-provincial harmony in addition to distribution of technical knowledge.

The role of provincial harmony was considerably increased after the completion of 18th Amendment, which posed this constitutional alteration a big change to resolve expeditiously and harmoniously the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources unimpeded.

Dr Saeed Khan Jadoon from OGDCL, (Chairman ATC), Imran Qureshi from Eastern Testing Services, (Vice Chairman ATC), SPE – Pakistan Chapter Chairman Masood Siddiqui, and PAPG Chairman Abdul Wahid Chughtai also addressed the conference.

At the end students were awarded with shields and cash prizes. 1st position was secured by UETian, 2nd from Mehran University; two students shared 3rd position (one from UET and other from NED).

Field Trips

Next day we visited following two yards:

1)      Eastern Testing Services (ETS)

2)      Sprint Oil & Gas Services FZC Pakistan

Mr. Zohaib Maqbool has given us the detailed overview of ETS in his presentation. This company was found to be the Flagship local service provider with superior service quality HSE and technology solutions in Well Testing and Well Intervention services addressing the market demand today and for future growth. Later we visited their tool yard with Mr. Tayyab, who briefly described the functioning of DST tool, separators, sand traps and many more.

At 12:30 PM, we reached at Sprint Yard, where Mr. Ghufran Hameed has given us presentation about HSEQ and Mr. Mustansar Raza has given us general idea about major services which Sprint provide. Then certificates were distributed among the students.

And that’s how my ATC 2013 journey came to an end. I would like to thanks SPE-Pakistan Chapter for providing me opportunity to attend such a big event and allowing me to interact with the industry people.

‘Is there oil and gas in Greece?’ conference

‘Is there oil and gas in Greece?’ conference

When: 14th January 2014

Where: Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece

Website: http://www.digitalenergyjournal.com

Digital Energy Journal invites you to register for half day forum in Athens on January 14th looking at the possibilities for th Greek oil and gas industry.

There has been a small oil and gas production in Greece since 1970s – and some new seismic surveys over the past few years.

Do we know enough to judge if this is an investment opportunity?

Admission is Eur 150 of free of charge for delegates based in Greece.

Greek Oil banner

Digital Energy Journal runs oil and gas exploration and production events in Aberdeen, Stavanger and Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about the event please contact organizers: http://www.digitalenergyjournal.com/contact.aspx