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We live in times in which access to information is almost infinite, thus learning is limited only our willingness, motivation and determination. On the other hand you also have to know where and what search for. YoungPetro comes to aid right here – I’ll try to show you few places, where for free you can expand your knowledge related to Oil & Gas, but we will not stop there – because we are aware that nowadays engineer has to be a real Renaissance man.


First place that is worth seeing is of course university library. Most of them share their catalogs on-line, which makes finding interesting books and articles more effective and faster. This place is also great because of another reason – usually our lecturers use and encourage us to read and learn from positions which are available in the campus library. My personal advice is to break out from our comfort zone and maybe borrow handbook from that one course which was always hard for us. Try to face it with determination and maybe you will discover new passions and up to now we just did not give it enough time?

SPE and egpet

SPE – I think that this organization does not need an introduction, at least to any person interested in O&G. But do all of us use the potential of this society to its fullest? Basic opportunity is of course being active in the chapter at our university (or creating one!) – it is a group of people with similar passions and goals to ours. If you lack motivation – believe me – you will get an extra fill of that! SPE offers also eMentoring – it is a really great initiative that offers mentoring to the younger members. Your mentor is professional of qualification you can chose. Of course mentor has right not to take you under his or her wings. I believe this kind of patronage could get you many valuable insights. Another thing that I cannot miss are webinars organized by SPE. Free lectures from professionals from all over the world covering topics from dual gradients to economic evaluation.

Another big community is egpet – Petroleum Community Forum. Although it is not a formal group, people there are very helpful and eager to share their knowledge quite fast. Also because of the presence of many students most questions that bothers you have been already asked – and answered!

Online universities

As I said at the begging – demands of today’s job market are pretty high and still growing. Place where you can expand your technical knowledge and soft skills are online universities. Have ever thought studying at MIT? Harvard or Stanford University? All of these (and many more) shares their courses – often with video lectures – for free. Maybe you will not get a degree from that university but you can take courses with the very same lecturers, demands and materials.


Language proficiency nowadays is really basic thing. English is not leverage anymore – it is a necessity. Fortunately – there are also communities that offer “language exchange” and learning for free.

Remember that we live in the age of information – all we have to do is embrace it and try to use all available sources of information!


Society of Petroleum Engineers
SPE webinars
Petroleum Community Forum
MIT OpenCourseWare
Academic Earth

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