Asia Pacific SPE Student Chapter Conference 2013

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When: 3rd – 6th December 2013

Where: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Perak, Malaysia.

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Asia Pacific SPE Student Chapter Conference 2013 (APSC’13) is third edition international conference which will be held in the beautiful campus of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). Founded by SPE Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Student Chapter (SPE-UTM-SC) in 2011, the first edition of this conference was being held in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and was named as Southeast Asia SPE Student Chapter Conference 2011 (SASC’11). Due to the overwhelming participation from more than 10 universities across Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Australia, the delegates from participating universities were determined to make this an annual event with the condition: It will rotate among different universities.

The second edition is held in China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Petroleum, and the conference was renamed as Asia Pacific SPE Student Chapter Conference. At that time more Chinese Universities have participated in the conference.

This year, SPE-UTP-SC successfully bided to be the host of third edition of Asia Pacific SPE Student Chapter Conference. Sponsored by Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Shell Malaysia, SPE-UTP-SC successfully invited 15 universities from 6 countries to take part in this prestigious conference, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and nonetheless, Malaysia.

In APSC’13, delegates will not only be exposed to the beneficial career and technical talk hosted by sponsoring companies, they will also take part in the conference with the title: ‘Future Collaborations between Asia Pacific SPE Student Chapter’. To ensure the delegates to have an unforgettable memory in this event, SPE-UTP-SC have also prepared a Cultural Night Dinner which features cultural performance in Malaysia, and also a trip to Gua Tempurung, a beautiful natural cave in Perak for all delegates.

With the theme of ‘Engagement Strengthening Enhancement’, SPE-UTP-SC is confident that through the programs of APSC’13, they can achieve the goal to Engage with the sponsoring companies, Strengthen the bond among the SPE Student Chapters in Asia Pacific, and to Enhance the image of SPE-UTP-SC, UTP itself and ultimately, Malaysia.  

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See you in Malaysia!

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