Oil & Gas Festival 2013 Student Congress

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When: 20th – 22nd November 2013

Where: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ogfest2013


Oil and Gas Festival 2013 is a new brand event held by SPE UTM Student Chapter. The aim of this event is to give deeper understanding to every participant towards the latest development and technologies in oil and gas industries.

With the theme of “Human Integrity, Empowering Technology & Environmental Tranquility”, it reflects what oil and gas industry needs nowadays. In recent years, the oil and gas sector is the mainstay of Malaysia’s growth and it contributes approximately 20% of national gross domestic product (GDP). However, there are still challenges and obstacles that need to overcome such as the potential of new enhance oil recovery technique (EOR), deep water development, high pressure and temperature environment, and high concentration of carbon dioxide in the reservoir.

We do believe that this festival will open up the minds of university students and make them aware of the need to develop new technologies in order to shape our future, as well as sustaining environment. Moreover, this event will bring together students and experts related to oil and gas industry to present their results, and exchange experience, ideas, and solutions regarding oil and gas problems in theoretical and practical aspects by discussions, seminars, company workshop, and refreshing competitions as well as to strengthen the kinship and friendship among students.



Petrodrive is a programme designed to introduce and give exposure about oil and gas industry to Matriculation students around Malaysia. The main objective of this programme is to attract students‟ interest towards oil and gas industry.


Go Green Charity is a programme that we specially designed to give back to Mother Nature. Basically this programme is to plant mangrove trees along the seashore at targeted place. Besides to preserve the natural habitats of flora and fauna in Malaysia, this programme is made to raise the awareness of protecting environment among the committee members.


The Society of Petroleum Engineers UTM had come up with revolutionary method to further enhance the much needed soft skills of its member by doing this programme. The camp emphasize on a single objective which is to further enhance its members soft skills that would make them an ideal human capital.


Furthermore, SPE UTM organises the Conference, which is connected with student competitions.

First of them is Petrobrain– fast-paced quiz competition with questions technical and non- technical questions.

Paper Presentation Contest is designed to discover and honor outstanding papers in the field of Oil&Gas Industry.

Field Development Project is a competition which requires participants to develop given oil and gas field in an structured way to produce the hydrocarbon reserves optimally!

Another competition is Mud Innovation Competition which requires experiment and presentation of participant’s mud to the judges. Certain chemicals will be given as the essential materials on making the mud.

The last proposal from SPE UTM is Green Photography Contest!

Please come and join Oil & Gas Festival 2013 now! For more information, please visit the link below:


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