What is the best solution for European energy problems?

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This is a significant question, being asked in many countries, offices, companies and even houses through the whole old continent. Civilization and economic growth involves increase of power demand and raises energy cost. If we do not find new solutions to stop the trend, European industry can be ravaged by these adverse conditions. We have to look for new sources of energy and change our approach to be more progressive. One of the biggest chances for European economy is shale gas.

As we know, there are both supporters and opponents of gas and oil extraction from shales. Opponents argue that it is too risky and hydraulic fracturing will have very negative impact on natural environment – they advise us to look for other solutions – nuclear power or renewable sources of energy.

The theme is also one of the most important ones taken by European Parliament. Over a month ago European Union’s Environment Committee endorsed a proposal to impose a mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment for all shale gas drilling activities in the EU. This is in line with the Parliament’s resolution on the environmental impacts of shale gas, voted in November 2012. The Committee is supposed to go on with adapting EU regulatory framework to new conditions and maybe even aggravation of law regulations.

Great Britain and Poland are the most engaged members of the Union fighting for liberalization of the regulations and focusing their efforts on preventing next potential bans and restrictions concerning shales gas exploration and extraction. For these countries this is a way to ensure energy security.

Opponents (mainly France and Bulgaria) line up against exploration works. They suggest to abandon fossil fuel usage and turn into renewable sources like power of wind, water, sun and biomass.

Last days we could hear a significant voice of Antonio Tajani, European industry commissioner. He said that “We face a systematic industrial massacre”. He convinced that we have to stop pretending and struggling for climate goals, which are not realistic and also are not enforced worldwide. European energy is much more expensive than US energy and this is the reason why investors rarely choose the old continent. And, what is very important for all shale gas supporters he said “Personally, I am in favour of shale gas in Europe because we have to do more for industry”. Is it a forerunner of positive changes in the European Parliament? We will see.

A few next years will be decisive – European society will have to choose a direction of the continent’s development. We can say one thing for sure – shale gas, renewable sources, nuclear energy or any other way – Europeans have to unit their efforts to solve energy problems. If not, we all will face further raise of living costs – energy, food etc.

Dear YoungPetro readers, what do you think about this problem? What will be the best solution for European economy – further shale gas exploration, looking for renewable sources or maybe another way of power generation? We are waiting for your opinions!

“Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs” | The Telegraph

Photos: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

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