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Today, I would like to introduce you to ‘Quest for Oil’. This strategy game, made by Maersk Group, takes you on a quest for one of the most indispensable resources – oil!

 It isn’t a game from the top shelf – it cannot be compared to these top – sellers…but it is really well done and a solid product.

What makes ‘Quest for Oil’ so special? It’s the first game of its kind related to the oil industry. Nobody before Maersk had done something like that. In ‘Quest for Oil’ gamers have a chance to broaden their knowledge and use their skills from the very beginning of seeking for reservoirs to producing oil.  In ‘Quest for Oil’ Maersk gives us a possibility to pursuit of oil in two scenarios- in the deep waters off Qatar and the North Sea. The second option is an easier one.

What will you face in the contest against your computer opponent? First of all you need to choose a proper area to start searching for reservoir. Next, you will be testing your geological knowledge. What does the underground like? Where is the trap and reservoir? After aiming the reservoir, let’s do wells! It isn’t as easy task as you may think! You need to control temperature and pressure to avoid eruption and further costs! Setting up and otimizing production is the last thing before starting extraction of oil. Now, let’s find another reservoir and produce 1 000 000 barrels of oil in the North Sea or 2 000 000 in Qatar before your opponent.

Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling, about ‘Quest for Oil’:New times calls for new measures, and we want to use the computer game to tell the story of an extremely innovative business, which the entire world depends on, in a new and engaging way. We wish to engage in dialogue about oil and energy business through gamification and at the same time give all interested the best opportunity to experience the underground.

And just the last tip from YoungPetro: don’t pay extra money for targeting trap and reservoir! The game gives much more fun, if you test yourself and analyze rock formations. 🙂

Download ‘Quest for Oil’ | MAERSK GROUP

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