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PKN ORLEN begins drilling of new well in the Lublin region

PKN ORLEN begins drilling of new well in the Lublin region

The new well of PKN Orlen is located in Nowy Stręczyn in the Cyców commune.

Stręczyn-OU1 is the fifth well to be drilled by PKN ORLEN in the Province of Lublin, and the third covered by the “Wierzbica” exploration licence. The drilling of the well is expected to take approximately 45 days and planned depth  is over 3,400 metres. Engineers from company going to collect 300 meters of core samples.

“The results of our preliminary geological surveys proved very promising, and so we decided to start a new exploratory well here,” commented Wiesław Prugar, CEO of ORLEN Upstream.

PKN ORLEN begins drilling of new well in the Lublin region  |ORLEN


What do you think about shale gas exploration in Poland? Share your opinion with us.


Photo from Orlen Upstream archive.

New surprising analysis of fracking wastewater

11 February, 2013 News No comments
New surprising analysis of fracking wastewater

Since the beginning hydraulic fracturing is a very controversial matter, having as many opponents as supporters. Main arguments of adversaries are that components of fracking fluid may cause adverse environmental effect and that fracking would disturb natural water equilibrium in the region, because of large amounts of water that are used in the process. New analysis made by researchers at Duke and Kent State Universities shed new light on the matter.

It occurs that hydraulically fractured natural gas wells of Marcellus shale region produce less wastewater per unit of gas recovered than conventional wells would. Actually, shale gas wells produce 10 times more wastewater than conventional wells, but they also produce about 30 times more natural gas. So if Marcellus was a conventional well, the total amount of wastewater from gas production in the region would increase by about 1710% since 2004, not by 570% as it is now.

Another surprising fact shown by the analysis is that only a third of the wastewater from Marcellus is flowback from hydraulic fracturing. Most of it is classified as brine, which is produced also while conventional well exploitation.

The analysis is very important for inhabitants of countries, which plan to exploit shale gas wells and have to face up to discussions concerning hydraulic fracturing.

Analysis of Fracking Wastewater Yields Some Surprises | ScienceDaily

What do you think about results of the analysis? May it refute the theory of fracking’s harmfulness?



sciencedaily.com; Łukasz Ostalski (biznes.interia.eu)

Powerful explosion in the headquarters of Pemex

2 February, 2013 News No comments
Powerful explosion in the headquarters of Pemex

Dramatic accident in Mexico City. In Thursday’s afternoon huge explosion rocked a skyscraper of state oil giant – Pemex. Casualties are high – over 30 fatalities and about 100 injured – reported Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Interior Minister of Mexico.

The explosion has damaged the ground, first and the second floor of this 214 meter high building. Many people got poisoned by smoke and many panes were broken.
“A really strong explosion and then the glass started raining down,” one of employees said. “There were lots of screams.”
The reasons of the explosion are still unexplained. It could be an explosion of a gas boiler in the near building of Pemex but the investigation is still in progress.

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has a total asset worth of $415.75 billion and is the world’s fourth largest petroleum concern. It mines about 2,5 million barrels of crude oil every day.

For more information switch to:
Death toll climbs to 32 in blast at Mexico’s Pemex headquarters | LOS ANGELES TIMES

Photo: www.latimes.com