Polish shales delayed?

26. December, 2012 News No comments

I am sure everyone has heard about Polish shale gas boom. It happened about two years ago, but something has changed since that time. The results from the wells are not as optimistic as in the American predictions, even though there have not been drilled many. Also politicians are responsible for ‘shale-disappointment’, they have not prepared the proper law for shale gas yet.

Mr Carsten Freyer, Business Development Manager for KCA Deutag in Europe and East Africa was ‘questioned’ about the situation in Poland. He said: ‘…It was totally different two years ago when everyone was so enthusiastic about Poland and we got calls from operators to move into the country, which we did, but today the picture has changed totally, so it’s questionable whether the rig demand and the commitment from operating companies is there to secure a long term business for reputable international service providers.’

The whole article you can find on:
Auf Wiedersehen Poland? | NATURAL GAS EUROPE

What do you think about these changes? What is the main factor of changing the companies’ policy about Poland?

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