If I Were a Prime Minister…

19. December, 2012 News No comments

Have you heard, that UK government is going to abolish, ban of shale gas fracking? Ban of exploratory fracking in the UK has been introduced after two small seismic tremors, reported in May 2011. According to The Royal Academy of Engineering report there is no connection between hydraulic fracturing and those seismic activities. You can find a whole report here.

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey highlighted, that resuming that process will be connected with new controls aimed in reducing risks of seismic activity. Shale gas in UK is a promising potential energy resource for UK. It could reduce United Kingdom reliance on imported gas. But advantages related with shale gas production couldn’t overshadow environmental and safety issues.

UK Lifts Shale Gas Fracking Ban | RIGZONE

So, if you could decide about direction of energy policy in UK, what would be your approach to unconventional reserves? Share your ideas with us!

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