<a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/01/02/black-sea-romanias-path-to-energy-independence/"><b>Black Sea, Romania’s path to energy independence</b></a><p>The history of oil and gas operations in the Romanian waters of the Black Sea starts in 1969. Below are presented the most important stages in the development of the</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/01/09/the-three-reasons-why-entering-the-lng-industry-was-a-great-move-by-the-philippines/"><b>The Three Reasons Why Entering the LNG industry was a Great Move by the Philippines</b></a><p>     1. Something to Replace Malampaya’s Role The Malampaya deepwater gas-to-power project located offshore northwest of Palawan is Philippines’ only major gas field. It starts production in 2001 and</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2016/05/26/platform-in-niger-delta-attacked-by-local-militians/"><b>Platform in Niger Delta attacked by local militians</b></a><p>A newly formed group calling itself the Niger Delta Avengers attacked a Chevron’s Okan offshore facility on May 4th at 11 PM. “Okan offshore facility in the Western Niger Delta</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2016/05/12/obtain-a-new-equipment/"><b>Obtain a new equipment</b></a><p>There was a time, and not so long ago when a small oil companies in southern Texas had to send their employees for hundreds of kilometers to do a tour</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2016/04/20/shortly-about-baltic-pipe/"><b>Shortly about Baltic Pipe</b></a><p>Obviously, Baltic Pipe is a clear response to Nord Stream 2, which directly connects Russian Federation with Western Europe. Experts claim that Nord Stream 2 through Germany could even get</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2016/05/27/south-asia-geosciences-student-conference-2016/"><b>South Asia Geosciences Student Conference 2016</b></a><p>South Asia Geosciences Student Conference (SAGSC) is an International Geosciences student conference held by Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG). It is the second event of its kind in South Asia</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2016/03/23/more-offshore-jobs-in-norway-since-2018/"><b>More offshore jobs in Norway since 2018.</b></a><p>Since we have heard the assumptions that the price of oil will improve next year, many experts are announcing their opinions in this field. The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association</p>
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