<a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/03/31/youngpetro-20th-issue-summer-2017/"><b>YoungPetro  20th Issue  Summer 2017</b></a><p>The new semester has arrived, spring is also already here and ‘East Meets West’ – International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo starts in 3 days. All that signs encouraged</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/04/22/east-meets-west-2017/"><b>‘East meets West’ 2017!</b></a><p>From 4th to 7th of April for the 8th time SPE AGH Chapter was organizing ‘East meets West’ International Student Petroleum Congress and Career Expo. We have gathered around 250</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/07/31/q2-results-oil-companies-makes-profit-in-tough-times/"><b>Q2 Results – Oil Companies Make Profit in Tough Times</b></a><p>During last few days major Oil & Gas Companies revealed their second-quarter earnings and believe or not, almost all of them are higher than expected. Is it sign of the</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/09/02/new-discoveries-in-north-western-poland/"><b>New Discoveries in North-Western Poland</b></a><p>Polish Oil and Gas Mining Company in collaboration with LOTOS Petrobaltic have started drilling exploratory well on a concession Kamień Pomorski. According to the estimates in the area of work</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/09/15/atce-2017/"><b>ATCE 2017 to highlight digital energy, hydraulic fracturing, unmanned vehicles, and more; host inaugural energy startup competition!</b></a><p>On 9–11 October, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) will again assemble exploration and production (E&P) professionals from around the world for the 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/10/08/few-words-about-sponsors-of-agh-university-students-in-acte/"><b>Few words about sponsors of AGH University students in ATCE</b></a><p>Thanks to courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM, United Oilfield Services and AGH University of Science and Technology, Polish students will be able to participate in the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. We</p> <a href="http://youngpetro.org/2017/11/10/atce2017/"><b>Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio 2017</b></a><p>On 9–11 October, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) hosted global exploration and production professionals for the 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention</p>
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